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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cityville Secrets Revealed!

Now that you're playing this awesome game, you're probably looking for ways to increase your cash and energy so you can build the best city possible. At the moment there seems to be just two options:

1) You can buy in game cash and energy for real money. This gives you access to instant cash in the game but unfortunately unless you are rich this method is extremely expensive and impractical.

2) You can play the game slowly and just wait for more energy. If you love playing CityVille like me, then you know this simply is not gonna happen.

So naturally, that draws me on to a new phenomenon: the release of new CityVille guides. There are a bunch of new guides that have been released that not only show you how to make tons of cash and energy, but they go through everything you need to know to build the best city possible. These guides cover all the secrets, tips and tricks to leveling fast, making heaps of cash and building your desired city in the fastest time possible.

These guides are great for a reason. The methods discussed in them are currently only known by the games top players. On top of that, once you get hold of them, you'll never have to pay for cash again.

If you love playing CityVille I strongly recommend getting one. And remember, it's impossible to cheat in CityVille so don't waste your time! If you find someone who supposedly has cheats or asks you to download a software, I can promise you it's 100% fake. No matter what promise they make cheats simply cannot exist in the game due to the fact that it's a popular online game that is secure and cheat-proof. If someone had a cheat that worked it would spread like wildfire.

Your best bet to getting tons of cash/energy, leveling fast and building a top city is to get hold of a guide or patiently play the game. And don't forget to keep adding neighbors, they'll come in handy as you expand your city!

The best CityVille guide by far is the CityVille Secrets guide offered by 'The CityVille Club'. These guys have written the best guide out there and through my use it's been very effective – so definitely check it out.


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