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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Buying Diablo 3 Speed Worth It?

Believe me… I've spent too much money on trashy guides that act like a parrot. They do nothing but copy information available on other websites and that is just disgusting.
I picked up so many guides last time that I deleted all of them and asked for a refund. But Diablo 3 speed is totally different. No matter how skeptical I was, I was glad to be proven wrong by Jonathan Bradley Smith – the mastermind behind speed leveling and getting maxing out the level cap.
Getting to the highest level offers many advantages that many of those at the lower levels will not enjoy.
One of the biggest reasons why I would highly recommend his guide is because of the stuff I wanted to get at the 'Inferno' level. Most of the monsters at the Inferno level has more health, more damage, more resistance and they are even higher level than the player's maximum level.
But that level offers the best stuff that even money cannot buy. The loot at the inferno level is visually different and will fetch a much higher price than any other level.
I learned some of the strategies in the book and it helped me to reach a higher level in half the time. I even tried it with other character classes that I wasn't familiar with and they all worked like a charm.



The diagrams are illustrated in such a way that even a child could understand how it works.
Blizzard has created the game in such a way that constantly farming the same spot yields diminishing results. It truly becomes a test of skill and they want to make the game a longevity so do not try grinding the same boss over and over again.
Diablo 3 speed teaches you how to diversify your play so that you will be able to reach level 60 as fast as possible. I highly recommend it.


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