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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Critical Review On Battlefield 3

The long anticipated release of the battlefield 3 launch has finally made its debut. With all the hype created and surrounding the new launch some would say the final outcome was rather a letdown while others are still enjoying the new release. Perhaps the most telling advantage to the launch was that it supposedly preempted the Modern Warfare 3 which at the time was yet to be released. However for those anticipating both launches the expectations was still leaning towards Modern Warfare 3 outperforming Battlefield 3.
Unfortunately some of the shortcomings were pretty evident very early on after the launch. These short comings included the host of technical glitches and disappointing overall package. The single portion of the game is hardly anything to be challenged about as the fact remains that it is better suited for multiple players. While some would enjoy the challenge of a short game others found the average of five hours at the difficulty setting was hardly enough of a challenge.
For the hard core players that are looking for more destructible environments in the industry of compounded destruction the Battlefield 3 falls short by far. Even with all the newer graphics in place the supposed meaningful destructive platforms are few and far between.
To counter all of the above there are also those that have nothing but excellent reviews in mind when it comes to addressing the battlefield 3 game. Some have concluded it to be simply brilliant. With very Impressive and certainly improved level in all the different aspects it appears to run both smoothly and entertainingly. From the quality of the animations and the fluidity of the movements the eventual results were all true to life. Some reviews were recorded as being totally immersed in the plots and the reality and excitements it enhanced through each action taken by the gamer. Also mentioned as a positive and enlightening fact, was that the models were all designed to behave in a very realistic and connective manner.


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