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Monday, June 11, 2012

Why You Should Never Pay Cash for Godfather Points in Mafia Wars

Warcraft The odds are pretty good that you've not only played Mafia Wars at some point, but that you've pined over the best way to build and succeed with your Mafia, while not actually pouring your hard earned cash into unnecessary investments, such as the Godfather points that so many players seem to rack up so easily. Lucky for you, there are many ways to get those points, and to make them go further without having to spend a single dime doing it. Here are the best ways to get ahead legitimately:

1. Play the Game Daily

One of the least likely, but still worthwhile ways to get Godfather points is to just logon to the game each day and pick your lottery numbers. By playing daily, you up the chances that you will win extra points without actually having to do anything. It may seem like a longshot, but over the course of a year or so, those odds will stack up and eventually you'll get at least a few out of the deal.

2. Do the Offers, but Carefully

The offers are always good ways to get Godfather points, but you need to be careful not to give away any personal information, lest you start getting inundated with spam. Stay clear of any 'free trial' offers because you don't want to get the monthly fees tacked on when you forget to turn them off. You also don't want to be giving out you credit card number. If you're picky about which offers you choose to sign up for, you can significantly reduce the chances that you actually end up spending money for those points.

3. Use Fake Contact Details

A simple way to get around paying cash or getting stuck with spam for your points is to use fake contact information. Set up a few fake email addresses and use those to sign up for things. They will load up with spam quickly and you can forget about them when you are done. It takes a little extra time, but it's well worth it if you never have to sort through all that junk mail you're going to inevitably get when you fill out those offer forms.

If you do it properly, you can get as many Godfather points as you ever need without having to spend a single dime doing it, or worry about having your email inbox overloaded with unwanted messages from all those companies you're signing up for. Then, it'll be time to start knocking off your opponents one by one.


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