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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Unlock My Password Is an Effective Solution to Gaining Access to Your PC


As easy as Windows has made the process of resetting your password, apparently they have made it nearly impossible to gain access if you forget your login information. As a way to prevent other individuals from hacking into your private information, Windows tightens the security that makes it imperative that you remember your password at all costs. However, at times when you cannot remember a new password, or have simply forgotten an old one, you can use an effective software tool called Unlock My Password to gain instant access into your computer, whenever you have password issues.


Protecting Your Privacy


Microsoft Windows makes each of its users realize the importance of resetting their password every couple of months. The more users there are on a single computer, the more often login information should be changed. However, doing so can create a problem of not recalling the password, or spelling it incorrectly due to the security fortification of creating a login using a combination of letters of the alphabet with numbers.


An Ineffective Solution


Not remembering your password creates a nearly impossible situation of not being able to gain access into your computer. Before the development of the Unlock My Password software program, the only solution was to reinstall Windows, which would most likely erase all folders and files, and strip away all of your software programs. Not doing so, often left the computer a worthless device.


Unlock My Password


With the innovative creation of Unlock My Password, a simpler and more productive answer was found. It uses the computer itself to solve its own accessibility problem. It involves a three-step process of downloading the program on an accessible computer, and copying it to an auxiliary storage device including a USB stick or a CD/DVD. Once saved, you can take the file located on the auxiliary storage device and insert it into the inaccessible computer.


Turning on your computer or rebooting it with the file in the USB port, or DVD player will make the program run automatically. It will instantly search the registry file to gather important information about the password, and change the settings to allow you to add a new password after rebooting.


This simple solution provides an easy answer to get your computer up and running with full access to all of your files, folders and software programs. Unlock My Password is highly recommended to anyone who uses a Windows-based computer that operates on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT.


Click Here To Unlock Your Password

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