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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Unlock My Password Is an Essential Password Reset Business Tool


For any business that uses computers daily, handling a password reset on an employee's PC can quickly turn into a nightmare. Needing an instant fix, like Unlock My Password, can avoid employee downtime or eliminate loss in their productivity, IT technicians need a simple solution. Even a downtime of 20 to 30 minutes can cost the company a significant amount of profit. As an answer to this problem, computer software programmers came up with a viable solution that can be used by either the IT technician or the user.


Keep Your Workforce Producing


Running a small or large business with computers can often be overwhelming due to the number of help desk tickets requiring immediate assistance. Often times, employees struggle with forgetting their password, inabilities to login, or have password reset issues. At times, IT managers and administrators spend a good portion of their day helping their employees simply log on, usually as a result of a recently changed password.


Typically, what is required in situations like these is some type of quick fix to gain instant access, and allow the employee to reset their password without losing productivity time during their workday. Using an effective self-serve password reset software program, the IT technician or administrator can quickly regain access to the employee's computer and get them back on the job.


Self-Serve Password Reset


Unlock My Password was designed to be self-serve password reset program that provides an instant solution for companies that require a walk around answer to login problems. As a way to circumvent critical login issues, the program can instantly eliminate any issue and avert prolonged waiting times with a quick login issue resolution.


How It Works


The developers of Unlock My Password software created a three-step process that quickly allows the computer user instant access into their Windows-based PC. The technician or computer user can use an accessible Windows based computer to download the software application. Next they will be required to copy the software file onto an auxiliary storage device such as a CD, DVD or USB stick. Finally, when a login issue arises, the technician or user simply inserts the storage device into the accessible computer and reboots.


The Unlock My Password software program will scour the registry file on the inaccessible computer parsing out valuable login information. Once found, it changes the login requirements and automatically reboots the computer. Upon restart, the user or technician will enter a new password, click enter, and have total access to the computer, all within 30 seconds or less.


Unlock My Password is an effective password reset tool that is highly recommended for every small or large business with a computer.


Click Here To Unlock Your Password

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