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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

6 Profitable Article Marketing Secrets - Skyrocket Your Success

6 Profitable Article Marketing Secrets - Skyrocket Your Success

No one can deny the effectiveness of article marketing. But if you aren't writing effective content, your efforts may be for nothing! Let me tell you six insider article marketing secrets that will definitely skyrocket the effectiveness of every article that you write. These tricks come straight from the pros. So don't type another word until you read these great tips.

There is no doubt that promoting your business through articles is a great way to increase your profits and get your name out there on the net. But many people find that they have trouble creating effective content when they sit down to write. Here are six great article marketing secrets that will help you create content that people will love to read.

Test And Tweak Your Resource Box
Do not just limit every article to one resource box. This article marketing secret will have a huge impact on your conversions. After you submit an article to a directory, check up on how it's doing. If it is getting a lot of views but not many click throughs, take a moment to rework the resource box because there is a good chance that it is where the problem lies. You should test out different resource boxes to see which ones produce the best.

Get A Second Opinion
We take our own good grammar for granted. It's a fact that no spell checker can catch everything. So not only should you read through your articles before you publish them, but you should get a second opinion as well. Not only will the second set of eyes be able to spot grammar and spelling errors, but they may be able to tell you if your writing style is holding their attention or not. Try to get all of the feedback that you can and you will only continue to improve.

Use Content That Will Teach Your Readers
Too many writers think that articles should not reveal too much information to the reader. The real article marketing secret is that your readers will respond five times as much when you teach them something that they did not know before. Don't worry about revealing too much - you can never reveal too much. Readers love to learn new things, and they will trust you as a writer much more if you are the one teaching them something useful.

Use Short Paragraphs Whenever You Can
It's sad but true - our attention spans are on the decline. Sometimes, even reading long paragraphs can be too much work for some people. Plus, longer paragraphs are not as pleasing to the eye. When you're writing try to keep this general rule in mind: attempt to write eight paragraphs for every 500 words. You could think of that as about 60 words per paragraph, but most of your work should be around 500 words for maximum results.

Use A Keyword Centered Title
A powerful title is the biggest, most effective article marketing secret of all! The title is what will draw in your readers. Often times, it is the only thing that they are able to see before they click a link to read the rest. So to make an effective title, you need to make sure that it is keyword centered. That means that it should include whatever keyword the article is targeting. That way your potential readers will know exactly what the content is about.

A great tip is to use a hyphenated title. Just list your keyword, then type a hyphen, then type a quick attention grabber. For example, if your keyword is 'great pick up lines' then your hyphenated title could be something like, "Great Pick Up Lines - How To Break The Ice And Buy Them Breakfast!"

Write Consistently
Find a way to work writing into your work schedule. If you write, submit and revise consistently, then you will see a huge difference in your business. The trick is consistency - you need to produce a lot of quality content and you will see results!

Keep all of these article marketing secrets in mind the next time that you sit down to write. If you utilize all of them, then you will surely start to see the difference in your business in no time at all.

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