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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Craft A Better Marketing Article


How To Craft A Better Marketing Article

If you are invloved with marketing involving articles, then you need to be sure that you are taking all of the steps that you can to get maximum results. Check out some of these great tips that will help you to create much better marketing articles.

Seeing as the primary point of article marketing is to steer the reader through the article so that they get to the backlink, there are a number of things that the article body must accomplish. Here are some tips to craft a better marketing article.

First and foremost, of course, it must create and maintain interest throughout, so that the reader doesn’t stop reading. Apart from that, a good marketing article body can also act as a â€کpre-sell’ of the backlink. In other words, it could make the reader more open to the suggestions that you might make.

Bearing all that in mind, here are a few points that you should consider:

1. Relevance
Seeing as your target traffic is mostly coming from search engines, when they type in a keyword, they probably have something specific in mind. For long keywords, it is simple to know what they want, such as someone searching for â€کbest place in Europe to fish’ is probably looking for just that.

On the other hand, someone typing in â€کEurope fishing’ could be looking for places to fish, information about the fishing industry in Europe, or… well, anything at all. If your niche is something to do with fishing as a hobby rather than the fishing industry, then of course, you’re going to want your article to be about the former. While it is tough to get your better marketing article to be relevant for all the individual keywords that you’re targeting, you should definitely try to give your potential audience exactly what they want.

2. Creating Interest
Of course, if your article is exactly what someone was searching for, then your problem is solved. However, if it isn’t, then it is going to have to create the sort of interest that is going to keep a reader reading from start to finish. Truth is, there are no hard and fast rules about creating interest, but basically, if you give a reader content that is appealing to them, they’re probably going to stick around.

In short, the better marketing article body should provide something of value, whether in terms of advice, general information, or even â€کsecrets’. Otherwise, it should at least hint at any other benefits that will be obtained by reading the article.

Taking care of both these aspects as far as the article body is concerned will put you off to a great start. Still, there is one very important rule to the article body…

Resource Box
As was mentioned just above, the resource box is the conclusion of the article. More importantly, it is also the place where the backlink is contained, and for this reason, some people often describe it as the most important part of the article. Since the focal point of the resource box is getting people to actually click the backlink, it is essentially a call to action. After the reader has been guided through the bulk of the article, and presold to as much an extent as is possible regarding what your backlink has to offer, he should find a clear course of action in the resource box.

Commonly, a resource box might contain something like: “If you want more information, just visit <>.â€‌ Although that is a call to action, it isn’t a very good one. Imagine how much better it would be if it was more like: “If you want to learn more, there is this great eBook that’ll make you practically an expert, and it is up for grabs FREE at <>.â€‌

By adding the incentive, the call to action will appeal to the reader all the more. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a free eBook, any incentive would work fine. It could just as easily be discounts, special offers, or even just content that is of interest.

At the end of the day, the important part is that the reader be given some reason, any reason, to want to click your backlink. That should be the conclusion to your article; the logical next step of continuing through the backlink.

Following these few pointers should get you maximum reseults from your much better marketing articles, they will be much more effective than the regular variety.

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