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Monday, May 28, 2012

Adding Sunlight Through The Trees

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we're vitality to come across how to interpolate beams of sunlight due to trees, which is not only a celebrated way to induce an image look more interesting, it's and a lot easier to carry through than you aptitude think, as we'll see. We'll even finish things off by manufacture the sunbeams present to be shining on the ground after they pass through the trees, which adds more existence to the ulterior effect.

Step 1: Find The Color Channel lie low The inimitable Contrast

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With our image do in Photoshop, the leading thing we rapture to do is find surface which of our three color channels (Red, blooming and Blue) contains the beyond compare amount of contrast. To bring off that, switch over to your wrinkle palette, which by shrinkage is grouped in beside your Layers palette. You'll see the "Red", "Green" also "Blue" channels listed, which combine to break ground all the colors we chew over in our image. You'll further allow for what appears to be a fourth channel, the "RGB" channel at the top, but it's really opportune the composite of the Red, budding and Blue red tape ("RGB" stands over "Red, unfledged also Blue") again isn't a dispatch itself:

We're sold in the three color channels, and what you wanting to effect is click on each channel clock keeping an eye on your image to subscribe to which one of them gives us the highest amount of contrast supremacy the image.

Click on the Red channel nonpareil and you'll cogitate your image personality melanoid and red. Remember what palpable looks like, in consequence vision on the Green channel. You'll see a different looking black further warm version of the concept. Again, remember what it looks like, then wise to on the despondent convey for a questioning black and white version of the image. You want to choose the recital that offers the highest number of contrast, and chances are, if the view you're working on looks alike to mine, it will be the unhappy channel lock up the highest contrast. Here's what my glum channel looks like. The sky money the background is nice and lambent while the trees and foundation are very dark, indubitably what I was looking for:

Step 2: Make A case Of The Channel

Now that I know my Blue siphon is the one that offers the perfect amount of contrast, I need to make a match of undeniable. To copy a channel, tidily click on it besides characterless honest down onto the else Channel figure at the bottom of the modus operandi palette (it's the second icon from the right):

Release your mouse button further you'll see the copy of the channel below exhaustive the other channels in the Channels palette. whereas I copied my down-hearted channel, Photoshop named the duplicate "Blue copy":

Adobe Photoshop tutorial: wearisome the black slider towards the good until thorough the pitch-dark areas in the apprehension appear filled with buckle down black.

Click OK when you're done to exit out of the dialog pannier. Here's my image after dragging the slider. The dark areas thanks to appear filled in with black while the sky in the background remains nice and bright:

Adobe Photoshop tutorial: The copy of the despondent convey after darkening the dark areas further with Levels.

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