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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Druid PvE Guide

Druids are perhaps the most versatile class when it comes to raiding, capable of doing just about anything and they are sometimes called on to do a little bit of everything. After all, with the exception of the Paladin, they are the only class in the game than can fulfill all three roles of healing, tanking and DPS at the same time.

Therefore, it is imperative that you get yourself a good Druid PvE guide to assist you in mastering all these aspects of your character. This is especially the case if you have just reached level 85 on your Druid and want to start running instances with your character.

You will need to have a good idea of what to expect, as well what others expect of you in a PvE environment.

To start with, a good Druid PvE guide should tell you how to heal properly, as a Restoration spec Druid can stand toe to toe with the best healers in the game. Excellent raid healers, their vast array of different spells and HoT's make them highly effective healers especially during those boss encounters that require a lot of movement and coordination. Your Innervate and Battle Rez abilities also make you a great asset to any healer team.

As a Tank, the Druid is also highly desired because of the huge volumes of defensive abilities that can be poured into the class if you use your talent points properly. The Druid also has many prized attributes like a huge Health Pool which can give him an advantage over the other tanking classes in many situations.

Not only that, the Druid is also a very capable damage-dealer when they are in their Cat or Moonkin forms.

Balance Druids in particular are a very efficient ranged spellcaster, somewhat similar to a Mage in play style. They excel in single target DPS but also provide excellent crowd-control and AoE with their Hurricane ability, which now places them on par with the other casting classes.

Feral Druids are essentially a rouge that also have the ability to heal themselves. However they have a complex rotation to follow and are usually below a rogue or other melee DPS in the damage meters but they make up for it with tremendous utility as they have abilities that buff the abilities of their counterparts in the raid. Since they still retain all the core Druid abilities like Innervate and Battle Resurrection, they make excellent support casters as well.

If the guide you seek can assist you in all these things and ensure that you know what specs, gear, enchants, glyphs and consumables to aim for, you will be able to perform extremely well as a Druid.

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