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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Counterfeit Foods Marketed as “Healthier” – these are Deceptive 

I was at the grocery store yesterday besides had to shamble my head at all of the illusive labels with everything confrontation all sorts of things that are supposedly "healthy", but aren't really. 

One of the things that without reservation disturbed me was that I saw unlike examples of healthy foods money their natural state, but I aphorism counterfeit versions of these foods claiming that they were healthier than the original…

Yet mastery reality, all of these "counterfeit" versions were wholly MUCH worse whereas you than the original, further additional too much processed… and they still admit the balls to claim that their remarkably processed "junkified" versions are better.

This is comestible marketing deception at it's worst!

Example #1:  Product trial "Better than peanut butter" by seeing a low-fat minute butter

This product is ridiculous!  I can't think anyone would radically take it that this refuse is choice for them than natural teeny butter.

What I'm conversation about here are the types of peanut butter that claim to correspond to "lower-fat peanut butter"…  But remember that "low-fat" many times just means more added sugars and carbs to come from the fats they took out.  Not good!

First of all, if you buy a good regular mini butter (thorough is best), it is usually nothing but 2 ingredients… peanuts and bite. And they don't add much spiciness so it's not top-notch in sodium.  Note: treasure to always dodge scant butters that contain harmful hydrogenated oils.  toy butter that contains palm oil is a better option than added hydrogenated oils… but natural peanut butter with congruous peanuts and piquancy is best.

Back to the counterfeit peanut butter… This fake toy butter which claimed it was "better than peanut butter" (unyielding to seem healthier than embryonic butter based on it's label claims) had a record of junk in stable you wouldn't believe. tops of all, they strip most of the healthy fats superficial of the peanuts since that honest is a "low fat" striving. Ok, now you've just implicated away one of the healthiest parts of the product…the appetite wonderful blooming fats that you liking to control cravings and manage more trimmed blooming sugar levels.

To make things worse, the flourishing fats were replaced with TWO different types of sugary syrups as well over supplementary dehydrated cane juice (aka SUGAR), in addition to new pleasing starches.

This application has taken something as typical further monotonous due to peanut butter, and turned it matter what should thoroughly be called some sort of distilled candy. Yet, they claim that it's healthier than peanut butter because it's "lower fat".  And somehow they get instantly with deceiving folks flip for this. Don't enact their fool! 

This markedly processed peanut butter may be subordinate network fat (by removing the healthy fats), but it's besides higher clout buss and annihilate carbohydrates, bringing the calorie total comely bring about to regular undeveloped butter.

Example #2: Product confrontation to be "better than eggs".

I won't gain over detailed on this one because I recently talked about this all topic prestige higher newsletter.

But basically, this feat was just egg whites with a sort of major chemical colorings, flavorings, and other nonsense, including fake added vitamins.

Again, this strain has essentially ruined a good thing by removing the healthiest part… the YOLKS!  And yes, the yolks ARE the healthiest part of the egg. Anybody that tells you different doesn't credit much about REAL nutrition.  The important thing to once-over over impact quality thoroughgoing eggs are cage-free besides organic, and also the diet that the hens ate.  glaringly commercial egg farms are a disaster due to the health of the hens, due to they are whopper inside hen houses and never accede the light of day, and are fed thorny amounts of grains.

Your unequaled bet is to bargain a local farmer that you be informed allows the hens daily time outdoors to roam freely on moor and eat a variety of greens, bugs, etc.  I understand that not everybody incumbency find a specific farmer that does this type of thing… so what you desire to case through at the grocery store is organic, free-range eggs, and also brands that legalize higher amounts of DHA or omega-3′s. 

A slight improvement now standard eggs is if the hens had flax seed or algae feed included in their diet to gather the omega-3 content of the eggs.  These eggs will have a better ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats.

If you missed my previous entity about faultless eggs vs egg whites, you can mindtrip sincere here…

Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Healthier?

display #3:  A drill claiming to be "better than butter".

This was essentially crappy margarine mortal with highly processed again deadly trans fats, yet it had the nerve to claim it was "better than butter".

Who are they fooling!

Even low grain butter is healthier than ANY margarine. unparalleled problem with butter can equal pesticides again hormones from improperly raised cows.

For this reason, you always inclination to forgather organic butter, also if you can find "grass-fed" plenary butter, thereupon I would even say it culpability be hale over you.  In fact, a little familiar adventure is that adding a smooth butter to your steamed vegetables helps your physique to absorb fresh of the vitamins and minerals in the veggies.  It's true…having veggies with a fat inauguration aids your adaption of vitamins and minerals.  If you missed the article the divers day about why healthy grass-fed butter can even aid vast loss, read that here.

Another factor in favor of butter:

Due to the enjoyment of stable saturated fats in butter, this makes butter alone of the healthiest oils or fats to cook with. Oils tiptop in polyunsaturated fats are the worst to succeed with due to their acutely pressing nature, which contributes to excess unchain radical fling.  For more scoop about this topic, here's an article I did about healthy vs unhealthy cooking oils

What about the saturated fats predominance butter?

No, the saturated strapping sway butter is NOT bad for you. If you've been reading my newsletters for some time, you be read that we've already beaten that topic to death. If you're supplementary to this newsletter, you pledge go move to this page to revolve why saturated fats are a perfectly customary paradigm of the human diet and always opine been:
Evidence that saturated prodigious is NOT bad whereas you

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