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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Make Unlimited CityVille Cash and Energy!

Ever since I started playing CityVille I've been hooked on the game. I'm no stranger to Farmville, but this game is just off the hook. If you play cityville, then you know what im talking about. This game is just soo much better.

Of course if youre really startig to get into it like I am, you've probably already come across a few guides out there. Being the Cityville freak that I am, I went ahead and bought all of them. Out of all the guides, The CityVille Club was easily my favourite choice.

A few important things sets The CityVille Club apart from the rest. I'm going to break this into 3 main points:

1) This site is actually an online membership site. Whereas the other sites give you a download link to a pdf file, this site actually enrolls you into a membership site, so you get your own login details and a membership area which has all the guides you need. There are two guides in the cityville club members area, one is The CityVille Club Secrets Guide and the other is The CityVille Club Bonus Guide. These are both awesome. The 'best cityville guide' also has a login area, but I wouldn't call it a membership site, as logging in simply gives you access to a download link, and nothing else.

2) The CityVille club actually has a very effective guide. Unfortunately, the other guides were unsatisfactory, and simply tell you what you already now. While they make extravagant promises, they fail to deliver on the hype.

3) The CityVille Club comes with a bonus guide. The others do not. This bonus guide teaches you how to make enough money using the guide to actually be able to afford to pay for energy and cash. It's actually a very clever system and worth getting just so you can get involved with this awesome little method.

My verdict:

Definitely get the CityVille Club guide. It is soo good if you play CityVille and definitely helpful. It's almost impossible not to get further ahead extremely fast if you simply read the guide and follow the methods.

So if you're looking for a CityVille guide you really can't go wrong with this.


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