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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pearly Penile Papules is not STD

The first time a man sees his penis invaded by little bumps, with fleshy texture and color he normally panics. It is not easy for any man to accept that he will have to live with those bumps on their most precious possession for all their lives. Yet, once this chock has passed away, a new question arises into their mind: where they have gotten those pearly penile papules. Although somehow legitimate taking into consideration the fact that this is their first encounter with this condition, the question is not worth too much thinking. The reason: pearly penile papules are not taken from somebody, but rather developed by your own body, more precisely by your own skin.

Thus, if you were thinking about knocking on the door of each and every of your sexual partners, well stop doing that before you make a fool of yourself as pearly penile papules is not a sexually transmitted disease, but a skin condition which is developed only by men and which is located on the top of your penis. So, your sexual partners are not responsible for you having this condition and you, in your turn, can be tranquil cause you did not spread the condition.

Many people have this fear that the pearly penile papules is STD, but what they do not know is that, because is a skin condition which has nothing to do with sexual intercourse, it can also appear at virgin men, who have never had any sexual intercourse. There are even twelve year boys suffering from this condition, so that it does not have any relation with age or with the number of sexual partners you have had so far.

Moreover, pearly penile papules is a condition which is exclusively caused by our body and which will stay only on your body, more precisely on your penis for a long period of time, until, with time it will start disappearing. Other than the unpleasant aspect and a minor pain during intercourse, these papules have no other type of effects and unless you develop any psychological condition because of them, you can live your live normally, as if they were not there.

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