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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What are flight simulator games?

Flight Simulator GameIf you want to feel the excitement of flying the F-16, B-22 or even Boeing 707 in your home, then you certainly need to try the flight simulator games.

Basically, any simulator game will create a virtual three dimensional world, where you can do things that you normally do in real life.

The same thing applies while playing the flight simulator games.

You can fly planes in the game and complete many various missions.

Simulator games are mainly played from the first person's view.

You are the hero in the game and you are given various models of airplanes, with numerous locations to go to.

The mission is to basically fly the planes successfully to the various airports and you will be often given goods to deliver by plane.

There may be technical difficulties and challenges while flying the plane such as weather problems, and more.

You have to overcome these obstacles and complete the mission and at the end of the mission, you will get points which will help you get better ranking as a pilot.

What makes the flight simulator games stand out, from other action or adventure games, is that it is based on real life.

These games have excellent graphics and always tend to get closest to the real world.

Here are some key features these games have.

* Extreme physics and graphics realism.

The in-game sky and weather is real time, which means the sky colour and weather will change with time.

You can control the factors of realism too.

* The player is mainly invisible, but you can play it using a third person's view, wherein the plane is displayed and seen from the outside.

Using the first person's view, you can just see the sky, the dials, and meters for navigation.

In this light, you can also choose the cockpit view which is a fully detailed- three dimensional view of the cockpit, of the original airplane model.

* You can play professional missions or in practice/training mode.

The last one will allow you to explore the navigation system of the plane.

Besides having fun while playing the flight simulator games, you can learn a lot of practical things about flying airplanes, which will help you in the long run, if you plan to become a pilot.

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