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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get In Shape, Have Fun And Get People Talking About Your Fitness Boot Camps

Bootcamp workouts are often comprised of unique fitness challenges that are fun, allow your clients to burn calories and get into shape. They originated from the military where push ups and sit ups were the norm, along with running, jumping and climbing.

Often held outdoors, boot camp style workouts can also be held indoors, as seen with a lot of the "big box" style gyms who are jumping on the boot camp workout rage. But wait a minute – do you think today's fitness enthusiasts want to attend the old-style military bootcamps?  No way! They want fun while they exercise. They do NOT want boring workout routines set to canned music.

As a personal trainer or fitness coach, you have no doubt spent a lot of time finding ways to improve your business profits. And of course, you already know that fitness boot camp workouts can bring in good money. With fitness expert Scott York's Fitness Games ebook you can make your fitness bootcamps great fun, involving each one of your clients in a way that they will enjoy tremendously.

People often join fitness boot camps because they are bored with the same old "big box" gym routine. They demand something that gets their adrenalin going, so that they can get their fitness back on track. Boot camp classes are becoming extremely popular with most fitness centers offering them to their members. So it is all the more important to make yours something your fitness enthusiasts are eager to come back to.

Making your bootcamp games fun is the best way to get powerful word of mouth publicity. Any boot camp operator and fitness trainer appreciates the importance of using new fitness boot camp games and boot camp exercises in their classes. 

Scott York's Fitness Games ebook, which you can download is an investment you must make in your fitness business, because it adds the fun factor that is so important for more business, more referrals and of course more money. These are 35 fitness games culled from Brazil, Australia and the USA – all laid out in easy to follow manner that you can use right away.


(Now there are 35 games)

These fitness bootcamp games are ALL easy to understand and easy to implement – immediately!  As if that were not enough, there are special bonuses that you can grab with the ebook that give you the best marketing information available. After all, you want your fitness business to grow. Along with the valuable books on marketing information, you will also receive the fitness boot camp joint venture letter that will literally bring you an avalanche of extra business. There is also a fitness video success tip sheet by Scott York that gets you started on the road to fitness video success. Imagine putting your boot camp classes on YouTube or making DVDs of your training methods – wow!

Your class no longer has to have visions of the original military boot camps where the coaches yelled at them. Instead, they can look forward to a lot of fun. You can be very sure that your class will want to stick around until the end of the boot camp. More than anything, it will seem like play, because each session will be something new and challenging, while they burn calories and enjoy fat loss.

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