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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to Tighten Your Abs After C Section Surgery

Your abs after C section surgery will be very weak and greatly separated due to the effects of the pregnancy hormone relaxin, which allows tendons and ligaments to stretch and lengthen throughout the course of the pregnancy.

Whether you give birth vaginally or via a c section, your abdominal muscles will have pulled apart and will need to be helped to realign and pull back together.

Whilst this is a natural process, that your body usually takes care of, there are 3 very good reasons why you should gently exercise your abs after c section surgery.

#1 – Firstly, you aren't leaving anything to chance, you are taking matters in to your own control and influencing the outcome of your own destiny. This is a very empowering process, completely opposite to that of giving birth and pregnancy where you all too often feel to lose all dignity, pride and self respect.

#2 – Secondly you can ensure the job is done right. By regularly performing a few specific tummy tightening exercises designed for new moms who've just had a c section, you can ensure that you are firming and tightening the abs and strengthening and supporting the lower back.

Don't worry, the exercises are easy to do, very quick and can be started virtually as soon as you've had a c section.

#3 – Actually tensing and contracting the abs after c section surgery helps to increase and divert the blood flow to the scar and damaged area. This helps to increase the amount of repair cells that are being delivered and therefore dramatically speeds up the recovery process.

So what are these exercises and are they safe to do?

They are simply a series of specifically designed tummy tightening exercises which don't involve any bending, twisting or crunching, but do have a dramatic effect on the strength and realigning of the tummy muscles. Far quicker than simply leaving it to chance.

The way you do them is by tilting your pelvis in certain ways and for a given amount of time. They aren't painful to do and you can do them whilst holding and nursing your baby.

These are not the same as doing pelvic floor exercises which help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

If you've got flabby and weak abs after c section surgery them you need to take action. A little effort can make huge differences to the tightness and tone of your tummy.

Jago Holmes is a certified personal trainer with over 10 years experience working with moms who have given birth by c section. He has created an easy to use and highly effective system every new mom can use to tone and flatten your baby belly and safely speed up your c section recovery.

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