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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Scar Removal Products

Scar removal and treatment is a much debated topic. Almost everyone suffers from some type of scar that they have acquired at some point in their life. There's not much you can do to stop it. It could be anything from acne scars, surgically inflicted scars, or even burns or stretch marks; you probably have a scar of some type that you would love to get rid of. For this reason, many people are searching for natural cures and scar removal products that can treat these scars without invasive and expensive procedures.

Many people are skeptical that they can just go to the store and purchase some over the counter scar removal product and get results. While not all scars can be completely removed with natural products, are large majority can be treated. Searching the internet for natural remedies can be helpful, but it's also confusing. There is a lot of wrong and potentially harmful information out there. Many designer products are expensive and completely ineffective as well. Fortunately there are several natural and highly effective treatments and products that can greatly reduce scarring.The Scar Solution

Let's take a moment to go over some common scar removal products that are completely unproven to treat scarring:

Onion Extract – Onion extract is viewed as one of the most common and effective scar removers out and is labeled as one of the main ingredients in the popular product, Mederma. However, if you do a bit of research you will never find any human medical trials that show this ingredient to be effective against skin scars. The only studies that show positive feedback with this treatment were done on a rabbit's ear. Most people who have argued that onion extract works for the removal of scars are claiming so as a result of a placebo effect. Massaging the scar daily can increase bloodflow and break up collagen which can help to reduce scarring as well.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is probably the most common natural scar remedy out there. Many people, including some doctors, will suggest the use of topical vitamin E for treating a scar on your body. However, trials in the medical field have proven less than desirable. In most cases, Vitamin E has not shown to improve scarring at all. In fact, many users have suffer from worsened scarring due to a condition called contact dermatitis. Although Vitamin E taken orally can help improve healing of skin damage, the topical application of vitamin E has not been proven.

A lot of medical research has been done in the past years that have revealed much more useful natural scar removal products. These treatments are less commonly known but do exist. In many cases, you can reduce or eliminate scarring using a proper scar treatment regimen. A combination of effective natural products and techniques can yield great results for most scars. Obviously not all scars are treatable, but before you consider a dangerous procedure or an expensive designer scar cream, consider natural scar treatment. Many times, the more expensive products out there are nothing but a cocktail of worthless moisturizers and other fillers. A natural scar removal product can often deliver superior results at a fraction of the price.

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