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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quinoa And An Alkaline Diet

We all know we need to have a balanced diet in these modern times, but fewer of us realise the benefits of Alkaline foods as opposed to Acidic foods. Until recently, I didn't know anything about this subject or it's importance. Then I came across references to work done on Acid Alkaline by Herman Alihara. This set me searching and I discovered that the balance of Acid and Alkaline is vital to our well being.

There are some quite incredible claims that imbalance can make the difference to our emotional highs and lows as well as our physical health. It brings a whole new meaning to ideas that what we eat or drink affects who we are and who we become…

Apparently, it is to do with the way our bodies process foods and drinks that we have on a day to day basis. They are digested and converted into energy and used by our bodies. Most energies are passed around our bodies by our blood system and this is the important bit. Our blood PH level needs to be slightly alkaline (7.35 to 7.45). If it drops below 7 (which is neutral) then it becomes acidic (low in Oxygen) and we are exposed to symptoms and disease. It makes us more prone to stress and we find it harder to lose weight and stay positive and healthy. Our bodies will do everything they can to maintain a healthy PH level but that can lead to problems as it tries to get rid of the extra Acid as best it can.

Unfortunately, our modern western diet is mostly made up of acid forming foods (proteins, cereals, and sugars) rather than the alkaline range of foods (vegetables, etc). We obviously need protein but we need to balance them with alkaline foods so that we get the best nutritional benefit from them. Interestingly, stimulants like coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco are very acidic. Even Stress and too little or too much physical activity can add to the acidic problems too.

We really need to look at our day to day intake and try to move more towards alkaline foods and drinks. There is a big move to "home-cooking" but also a more practical approach that we consider easier and quicker methods of food preparation. Gone are the days when we had hours if not days to prepare foods for us and our families to consume. We need to update our methods of cooking, our range of food choices and spend our time economically in the kitchen. Stir fries are very quick and nutritious as are some home made biscuits and cakes. This means looking at the health benefits of foods such as Quinoa which is a grain/seed that is a complete protein, has all the amino acids, has iron, has fibre, and can be cooked in all sorts of ways as seen in The Quinoa Cookbook.

We've had various changes in our working world with improved methods of manufacture and business ideas. Perhaps the next major development needs to be sharing our different ways of cooking wholesome foods. We've had the re-discovery of Vitamins, Fibre, re-ducing salt, perhaps we should look at food as a friend to use wisely and help ward off many of our modern ailments like depression, stress, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Quinoa is a brilliant food. It is versatile and can be used in soups, salads, to thicken stir-fries, an option to rice, in fact there does not seem to be a limit to this very versatile food. It's origins are the West Andes Mountains of South America, but it is destined for world wide use.

It is like a seed but like a grain too. It is not a grass and so avoids the allergic connections of grass. It is rinsed in water and cooked in a similar way to rice but not for so long. It is quite easy to cook and can be seen demonstrated on u-tube. Even the leaves can be used on salads or cooked like spinach.

It has another benefit in that it is an alkaline food. This means that it helps the blood to keep a healthy PH level. This is essential for good health.

The PH level of blood is important as the more alkaline the easier our bodies find it to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients in our food. It also helps the body to function well and avoid illnesses. Another benefit is that it helps the body to maintain a good weight. It is even a key to loosing weight as if the blood ph level is too acidic (i.e. below 7 and lacking in oxygen) then it struggles to lose weight and control our stress levels. With regard to the sugar levels in the body as it is what is known as a slow release food, which means we don't have the "sugar fix" that some foods have and we maintain a more even energy and stamina level.

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