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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Ten Causes Of Gout

The disease of Gout is caused by the accumulation of too much uric acid in the body. Substances called purines are broken down and the outcome is an abundance of uric acid. Purines can be found in tissues all over the body. Purines can also be found in many foods that we eat such as liver, anchovies, peas, and green beans. Generally uric acid is naturally dissolved in the blood. The uric acid passes through the kidneys in the body and then exits the body in the urine. Sometimes though uric acid builds up in the blood when:

1.      The body naturally increases the amount of uric acid it produces.

2.      The kidneys, for some reason, do not do their job of purifying the blood and does not exit enough of the uric acid from the body.

3.      A person eats a diet that consists of foods that have high levels of purines.

When the uric levels in the blood are very high it is then called hyperuricemia as most people that have hyperuricemia do not go onto develop gout. Gout can develop though if there are large amounts of uric acid crystals form in the body.

There are some reasons you can be more likely to get gout.

1.      If you have a family history of gout you are more likely to be afflicted with the disease.

2.      Men are more at risk to get gout than women.

3.      If you drink a lot of alcohol or have a drinking problem in which you drink a large amount on a regular basis than you are more likely to get gout.

4.      People who have a weight problem also are more likely to become afflicted with gout. The more obese a person is the higher the chances that they will get gout.

5.      Considering that foods high in purines can cause gout it goes without saying that by consuming large amounts of foods high in purines will increase a persons chance of developing gout.

6.      If you have had an organ transplant than you are more likely to have gout than those who have not had any organ transplants.

7.      Being exposed to lead in any way will increase a person's chance of getting gout. By knowing the chemicals with lead in them you can decrease your chances of becoming afflicted with gout.

8.      If you have an enzyme defect within your body that does not naturally break down purines than you are more likely to get gout. By not breaking down the purines the uric acid crystals can start to form throughout the body.

9.      There are some medicines that if taken can increase your change of getting gout such as diuretics, cyclosporine, levodopa, and even aspirin.

10.  By taking the vitamin of niacin you increase your chances of developing gout.

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