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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reverse Records at Your Fingertips


A few years back, the only people who had access to personal information were licensed private investigators, police detectives and the federal government. Now with the newly passed laws and databases available here you too can investigate and locate practically anyone – job applicants, potential dates, neighbors, lost relatives, even friends. Using our 100% legal and fully organized database links, you will have access to complete research tools for obtaining the information you want about practically anyone in the United States, UK and Canada! allows you to use the power of our reverse lookup tools to get precise and fast information about almost anyone. If you have a phone number (landline or cellular), address, or email account information, you have the key to a whole lot more. With just this information, will search their extensive databases and generate a report to your specifications.
With registration at, you will have access to all the reports and searches we currently have available. Here is just a sample:
Background Reports
Business Records
Birth Records
Criminal Records
Court Records
Civil Records
Legal Judgments
Bankruptcy Records
Reverse Phone
Reverse Cell Phone
Reverse Address
Reverse Email
Marriage Records
Divorce Records
Vital Records
SSN Records
Death Records
DUI Records
Police Records
Arrest Records
Jail Records
Employee Checks
Address Verification
Property Records
People Search
Address Search
Public Records
Sex Offender Check
Inmate Locator
and much more…
Business users of our site may take advantage of our Criminal Records Batch Searches. These searches will allow the business owner or manager to investigate potential employees, contractors, customers, etc. before they hire them, enter into a contract with them, or use their services. Searches are done on a bulk basis with prices decreasing as the number of searches increases.
Criminal Records Batch Searches feature:
• Instant results returned to you in just seconds
• Search over 300 million records collected from over 500 city, county and state databases
• Conveniently print or send the reports to your email address
• Instantly search records in these categories: Arrest, Conviction, Incarceration, Warrant, Sex Offender, DUI records and more
• We provide our customers with industry leading data at the most competitive prices
Criminal Records Batch Searches can be performed on a State or Nationwide basis.
State Search
This service allows you to search criminal records by states.
Search by First and Last Name. You may use the person's
Date of Birth to narrow down your search results.
* First 50 searches per month $5.95 per search
Next 50 (51-100 searches) $5.50 per search
Next 200 (101-300 searches) $5.00 per search
Next 100 (301-400 searches) $4.50 per search
Next 600 (401-1000 searches) $4.00 per search
Nationwide Search
The national criminal search covers all
available states and searches over 300
million records with just one click. This is
a very cost-effective way to conduct criminal
records investigations.
* First 50 searches per month $7.95 per search
Next 50 (51-100 searches) $7.50 per search
Next 200 (101-300 searches) $7.00 per search
Next 100 (301-400 searches) $6.50 per search
Next 600 (401-1000 searches) $6.00 per search
Whether for business or personal use, put the power of our databases to work for you today

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