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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Are you too busy to make money?


Of course not right? How could you be too busy to make money?

I'm willing to bet at least 80% of you reading this right now are too busy to make money. On some days, even I am too busy to make money….

Let me explain.

Affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general can be great. The promises of freedom and riches are endless. Income on autopilot!!! Wooooh!

But the truth of it is, that a lot of "gurus" won't tell you, is that internet marketing can be tough. Very tough. You might not want to hear that, and maybe you'll think of hitting the back button now, but someone had to say it.

When I have campaigns that are absolutely killing it and I am banking hard, life in many ways looks different. I have a little spring in my step.

But believe me, I have been there when you're "working" hours on end with no real progress. You end up getting lost in your own abstract world. Your work melds together into one massive glob where hours turn into days.

All of a sudden you're working 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, but not really getting anything done. But you're busy right? You must be making some progress?

Being busy, and being effective, are 2 entirely different things.

Here are some activities that can have you think you're being productive when really you're just "busy"….

1) Reading forums and buying every e-book that comes out because it WILL be the missing secret to your success. Which leads me to….

2) Always looking for that "missing secret" to success.

3) Checking your email every 5 minutes.

4) Checking your affiliate stats every 5 minutes.

5) Reading more e-books.

6) Killing campaigns way too quickly and trying to find a new idea.

7) Half way finishing a project then jumping to the next shiny thing you see.

8) Instant messaging and texting. Chit chat in general.

9) Any random variation of the above.

10) Making lists of what to do, then constantly modifying those lists.

An ugly list isn't it? Are you maybe guilty of one or two of those things? I know I've been guilty of a lot of them. My greatest success in internet marketing have always come focusing on these points:

1) Checking e-mail only 2-3 times a day.

2) Keeping instant messaging programs on away or invisible.

3) Launching 5-10 campaigns a day. Yes, 5-10.

4) Learning by doing.

5) Doing what is working! Soooo many people say "I've never made more than $10/day!". Ok, well do more of that and fine tune it, and you'll be making $100/day and more. It's just about scaling.

I launched more than 120 campaigns on Google before I started having really big success and figuring it out. I know it's not glamorous, but it's true.

If you're actually "doing work", you'll notice you can get tons done even in an hour.

Now, if you're interested in learning more of my exact, step by step strategies, what I do day in and day out… things that have helped me drive over 2 million clicks through my servers last year alone, then check out my Traffic BlackBook course today. Thanks very much for your time!


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