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Saturday, July 28, 2012

High Blood Pressure Reduction Solutions – Is Diet, Exercise and Weight Loss Enough?

Do you have high blood pressure or doctor diagnosed hypertension? If you do I want to share with you my unique discovery about lowering blood pressure naturally with out the use of hypertension medication. Both you know and know that the true cause of high blood pressure is not known; it is quite obvious that that both the medical and pharmaceutical companies know how to treat the symptoms through a prescription for medication.

Next most "natural" solutions to controlling, reducing or eliminating this condition involve lifestyle changes. This include but would not be limited to diet and exercise. The benefits to good eating habits and exercise are numerous. Obviously one of the by products is weight loss. Well really what I mean is fat loss because it is the fat you truly want lose.

The exercise forces the heart to beat less but with more strength and the good diet prevents plaque build up along the arteries. Exercise may also help with building muscle and that in itself will help to burn off excess fat. So between diet and exercise you lose fat, build muscle and have more energy. What if your blood pressure is still too high? What do you do now?

Take a deep breath and relax. What ever you do keep your cool things will work out.

I went through this period of frustration and finally discovered that my high blood pressure was in part to do with my internalization of stress. For example, many years ago when I was in high school my father was diagnosed with colon cancer. I thought I had things under control until I got very sick a day or two later. Fortunate for us he survived it was able to live for another twenty five years.

My point here is that you may be holding your stress in your body with out knowing it and it shows up as high blood pressure. Yes you may think this is little bit "out there" but take a quick look at your surrounding environment. Are you happy with where you are? Are you happy in your work or relationships?

So you might be losing weight, feeling energetic and strong. This is a good start. Your next step is to clarify your thoughts and feelings as they do have a strong influence on your blood pressure levels.

For example I know my blood pressure levels used to spike anytime I got angry. I discovered this by accident after going through a nasty e-mail exchange with a friend mine. I just happened to realize that I had lost my cool and after I fired that last e-mail back I took my blood pressure. It jumped from 120/82 to 165/ 93 in very short period of time.

My solution was and still is deep breathing exercises. It is simply amazing the drop in blood pressure I receive after going through 10 to 15 minutes of deep breathing relaxation exercises with music!

I do include some visualization with this breathing technique with music. This made the process more enjoyable. I simply pictured the heart pumping blood through open and wide arteries. It worked for me.

I use this little technique when I get into stressful situations and it helps me keep peace of mind.

All I do is breathe in for three and breathe out for three. When I do this I have a saying that I repeat to myself: "arteries open wide, blood moving freely". At the same time I picture my heart pumping blood to very wide and open blood vessels. It may be corny to you but it works for me. Give it a try. What do you to have to lose?

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