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Saturday, July 28, 2012

How Big is a C Section Scar – The Facts You Need to Know

If you due to have an elective c section or you're worried about the chances of having a c section at the birth, then you'll want to know 'how big is a c section scar'. This isn't easy to answer because babies can be born at many diverse weights, shapes and sizes.

Also this can depend on the position your baby is in and whether the head is in the downward position or in the breach position.

The situation in which the c section is used will also have an effect on the size of scar. If there was some urgency involved, because of serious problems then again, this may dictate how big the c section scar needs to be.

During the operation a surgeon will need to make an opening through the stomach wall. The normal location for this is a horizontal cut, just around the bikini line (pubic hair line). This incision will sometimes be described as a standard transverse or 'bikini cut' incision and is generally about 4-6 inches in extent.

If a bigger incision is required or the baby needs delivering instantly then a vertical incision may be used. This is usually referred to as a classical cut and is usually only done if: -

The baby is premature

The baby is lying crossways in the uterus

The placenta is in the way or

The uterus hasn't stretched enough to allow a transverse incision.

The classical opening is done vertically from just below the tummy button (naval) to just above the pubic bone and this also varies in length depending on the baby's size.

How big is a c section scar and the way it recovers and appears in the future will also depend on how the sizes of the incision are knitted back together. Some doctors prefer to use staples whereas others still use suture. There is little evidence to show that either way will increase or decrease the size of the appearance of the c section scar.

Hopefully this answers your concerns about 'how big is a c-section scar' but you still have worries about how it will appear afterwards. Don't worry, over the next few months, the scar will become lighter and any inflammation that you have will disappear leaving you with no more than a feint white mark just above your bikini line.

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