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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Basics of Tinnitus


Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing noise that plays in a sufferer's head most of the time. While it may not be classified as a serious condition, it is a persistent problem that can lead to depression and insomnia. To varying degrees, over 25 million people suffer from this condition. It's important to understand that this is not a life threatening condition, but it is a sign of some underlying cause so it is important to get a check up with a doctor to make sure that there isn't a serious medical issue.

Tinnitus can come in a few different forms and each person's tinnitus is unique. The most common for is sinus tinnitus due to sinus problems. Some of the major causes of tinnitus are natural hearing loss, prolonged exposure to loud noises, medications, or undiagnosed health problems. Sometimes tinnitus is also caused by a buildup of earwax which increases pressure in the ear. This pressure makes the normal background noise in your head more noticeable or already existing tinnitus more prominent. There are also some medical conditions such as otosclerosis (and abnormal bone growth in the ear) that can cause tinnitus.

There are several ways to manage tinnitus. The first is to visit your doctor to see if the tinnitus is caused by some medical condition such as earwax buildup or an ear infection. They can also see if any medications you are taking have tinnitus as a side effect. You may be refered to an ear, nose, and throat specialist to look into your condition. You may even visit a specialized tinnitus clinic. Since there is a link between tinnitus and hearing loss, it's important to get your hearing tested regularly. Some sufferers find immediate relief by getting a hearing aid. It may take awhile to get used to wearing a hearing aid. The initial annoyance should go away though and the tinnitus will fade into the background.

Therapy is also an option for managing tinnitus. It allows you to talk to someone about your condition, making you feel more empowered and less of a victim. Therapy doesn't always work for everyone as some people find it hard to open up to a stranger. For these individuals there is always self help options. Reading about tinnitus and finding out everything you can about the condition can help you better understand what you are suffering from. You can also join online tinnitus forums, join a local tinnitus support group, or find ways to relax and remove stress from your life. Meditating and listening to soothing music also helps to distract from tinnitus. There is a wide variety of options so anyone can find something that relaxes them.

So far there is no cure-all for tinnitus. By taking the proper steps, you can learn to manage your condition though. Over time, many sufferers will actually learn to ignore their tinnitus so they forget it is even there.

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