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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scar Removal Cream

What do you look for in a scar removal cream? A laundry list of confusing and scary looking ingredients? Natural products? Acids? Moisturizers? The truth is, most people have no idea what's in many designer scar removal creams. These creams are often very expensive and claim to offer dramatic results. Unfortunately, they usually don't deliver and leave you disappointed with a big hole in your wallet. When choosing your scar removal cream, always be cautious of claims about the results and be wary of certain ingredients. Many times these creams are just expensive cocktails of common moisturizers and other gimmicks that you can get elsewhere for half the price.The Scar Solution

Most scar removal creams are either moisturizers or exfoliates. Exfoliates are used to remove the outer layers of the skin which will hopefully heal and rebuild smoother than before. Moisturizers are meant to soften the skin and hopefully break up collagen. The problem is that your average scar removal cream doesn't contain many active ingredients or in enough quantities to do anything. Many creams, like Mederma, rely on ingredients like onion bulb extract, which is not medically proven in any way. There have been no human trials showing that onion extract improves scarring at all. The only effective test was done on a rabbits ear. You'll find many ingredients with similar cases.

Other scar removal creams may give you a big list of fancy looking ingredients which really do nothing but moisturize the skin. If you wanted to moisturize, you could've just bought some lotion. They usually also add the most common gimmick ingredients like Vitamin E, which studies show, does not help to improve scarring. Vitamin E has been tested over and over and has not been shown as an effective scar treatment product. In many trials, it actually worsened scarring in a large portion of testers due to skin irritation called contact dermatitis. In general, you need to be very careful when deciding to spend your hard earned money on a scar removal cream.

A better option in many cases is natural scar removal. This basically involves creating your own scar removal cream using a combination of scientifically proven natural products. You'll spend a lot less money and almost always get much better results. There are only a handful of proven products out there, but they do exist. When combined with some simple scar removal techniques, you can achieve very noticeable results in just a few weeks. With a little persistence, many scars can be faded almost completely. As with anything, you'll need to devote some time and energy to your treatment program if you want to get the best results. However, if you really want to get rid of your scars, it's likely your best option short of an invasive and dangerous surgical procedure.

So if you're shopping around for a miracle scar removal cream, think twice. Give natural scar treatment a try. It's safer, more cost effective, and can often give you the results that you desire.

For more information on effective scar removal cream alternatives, check out The Scar Solution.  It's the most effective scar removal product currently available.  It's all natural and results are guaranteed!

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