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Saturday, July 28, 2012

How To Draw Cartoon Characters And create a Great Second Income In 5 Easy Steps

Most worthwhile projects invariably require careful planning and perseverance to succeed and that will certainly be true if you are determined to draw cartoons and make a great second income. To succeed and develop this idea from a weekend hobby to a serious proposition isn't just a one step project either. Here's the way to reach that goal in five simple steps.

Step 1- Reassess Your Skills:
You may very well not have had pencil to paper or done any sketching for quite a while and getting back to it may well turn out to be a shock.This will be significant because you might find you need to spend time practicing to update your skills. Also, equipment and methods of delivery will most likely have improved.

Step 2 – Create your own personal space:
Take over an extra room at home or possibly a specific corner in a shared or less frequently used room. Use screening and headphones or ear plugs if appropriate but ensure everybody else realizes that this is the space you work in and, knowing that, if you are within this space, you're not to get disturbed. This is a crucial step that will need your full attention. Create rules from the outset to be fair to the whole household. The reason why is; everyone will understand you will want some tranquillity to get creative and also have new ideas without constant interruption.

Step 3 – Ensure the essential tools of your trade are at hand:
When you have that brilliant idea for your new cartoon character you will need to grab pencil and pad immediately. You do not need much to start out with your new creations but you will end up frustrated in the event you can't find the appropriate artists pencil or something to sketch on. The real reason for this is to not lose the moment. Have sufficient good sketch pads in several sizes and the correct pencils so you can act straight away.

Step 4 Easel or Drawing Board:
If you happen to work on a flat surface, the perspective within your drawing might be deceiving and the features of your figures may appear distorted. Simply to clarify and explain that somewhat, this is about the angle of your paper in relation to you. When drawn flat on a table top, the head of a figure may appear bigger than when the drawing is raised to a vertical angle.

Step 5 – Marketing and Selling Methods:
Your humour and drawing style will become your brand so researching your market is essential. It can be hard to know where to start and there will be several options available. Consider your drawing style and who your audience will be. Do you concentrate on caricatures, animation, comic book art or maybe newspaper comic strips? Trying to pigeon hole your work will help approach and market to the right outlets.

In the end, for those who take head of the above mentioned tips you should have success and will now be able to make those firm plans for a great second income. Pat yourself on the back, be a little pleased with yourself. You can achieve what you set out to do! Look forward to the sweet taste of success! Now take advantage of your talents. Go ahead and draw cartoons and make a great second income!

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