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Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Squat Box Squats


Box Squats


What squatting article would be complete without a discussion about box squats. Personally, I love them. Everyone in the gym does them and we have had 0 injuries form them. The head coach has had them box squatting now for 7 years with no injuries. Can you get injured from box squatting? Sure. You can get injured from anything if you do it negligently.

So how does one do the box squat? Well, the box squat is done exactly like the regular back squat. The form stays exactly the same! The only difference is you stop and pause on a box, breaking up the eccentric/concentric chain. The box squat allows you to relax, then re-flex the hips. This builds tremendous strength in the hips that benefits both the squat and the deadlift.

Reasons for injuries on the box are numerous. Getting loose on the box, that is, losing your arch, can cause an injury. The old style of box squats had the lifter rocking. This is a big no-no as it cause you to lose your arch and enforces bad form. Do you rock when you do back squats? NO! So why rock when you do a box squat???

Slamming onto the box will cause compression injuries. Use a weight you can handle, and control it throughout the movement. Don't sit so far back that you lose it and plop onto the box. If you cannot control it on a deep box, then start high and work your way down.

Preparing to box squat. Same form, same style. Just another day at the office.

Lowering down to the box. Tight back, sitting back, driving out.

On the box. Back is tight, form is on. Everything remains the same. From the poor picture quality it looks like my head is down-I can assure you it isn't. Keep the head driving into the bar!

Driving up off the box. Head back into the bar, strong tight back. Notice I am pushing out on my shoes and spreading the floor.

Now let's look at the side view of the same:

Looking that sexy is not a requirement!

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