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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free Energy by Tesla

Tesla was fixated on the idea of giving free energy for the whole world. So started to work on perfecting the production of electrical power without the use of any fuels, solar or wind. He wanted to attract the electrical power out from the space. He wanted also to prove that the transmission of electric power can be created without wires. He used the "Shoe man Cavity", a 60km high region between the soil and the base of the Ionosphere. He charged this system with megawatts of electrical force by lightning bolts that were produced worldwide with help of EnergyByTesla.

Tesla did demonstrate the transmission of electrical power over many kilometers. He lit fluorescent lamps by holding them with the invention that he created. Tesla did also confirm the transmission of electrical force through waves of energy that pass through the earth lighting lamps up to 25 kilometers from his work place. Tesla is all over the place in this progressive world. So if you want to know more details and if you are ready to embrace this theory join Energy by Tesla. On this site you will find several interesting information that will help you to decide. Don't forget that you will spare tons of money in a few month whits this energy system.

How we can capture the radiant energy? It is captured by making use of the oscillating tank circuits on receiver as well as transmitter with same amount of the impedance, reactance as well as inductance. It should have external source's right resonating frequency. What are the applications that you can use? It can get used to power the gadgets such as the mobile phones, hair dryer, electric shaver, as well as calculators. It will as well power up the TV, radio towers, computers, garage parking, garden lights, park lights as well as many more things. It is very safe saying that blue print model from the ebook will be able to save the family of 3 at least around 50% of the monthly electric bill.

Main benefits over the solar and the wind power:

1) The reliability is more superior as it is accessible 24 hours in a day as well as 7 days in a week. The solar power is also dependent on availability of the sunlight whereas wind power generates power just while there is enough of wind.

2) The power intensity is stable when compared to solar as well as wind power.

3) It is much simpler to install as well as maintain.

4) It makes lesser noise while it is running.

5) It also occupies very less space than compared to others.

6) It is much safer as well as secure to run.

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