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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home Remedies For Hair Loss Spot Treatment

Your hair loss may have begun gradually. At first, you may have noticed excess shedding, but there may not have been a definitive spot yet.Then, one day it happened. You looked in the mirror and there it was. It may have been on your crown, at your hair line, on your temples, or some location. Wherever it was, you now had a thinning spot.

This was your sign that you could no longer ignore the problem. You could no longer deny you were losing your hair. The good news is as long as you do not have a slick, hair-free scalp there is still time… if you act now.

While you must tackle the root cause of your problem, it will also be good to have a full arsenal of hair loss home remedies for "spot treatment".

What Is "Spot Treatment"?

The spot on top of your head is like an anxiety target. But, that fear can lead you down a risky path, like buying over-priced products that do not work or may be medically dangerous.

You may lose patience with a good treatment option before it has time to work. Overall, anxiety about a thinning patch can cause very poor decision making.

The goal of a good hair loss program is to block the problem attacking and sickening the hair follicle. The goal of spot treatment compliments this hair loss strategy, but intensively targets the balding spot making you uncomfortable. It is like an "adrenaline boost" for your scalp to make new hair grow faster.

Home Remedies

Many of the home remedies for hair loss focus both on blocking the internal attack on the hair and stimulating hair growth.

These intensive treatments are typically used at night because they can leave a residue on the hair which must be washed away before going out in public.

Spot treatments are light and can be used in the morning, just before styling your hair to keep the follicle invigorated all day.

Tea Tree Oil - This is a staple in almost all hair loss home remedies because of its healing properties. Nighttime masques and massage ointments will work with tea tree oil.

However, adding just a drop to your shampoo in the morning, and then lightly scrubbing it into your scalp while you wash, will nourish the spot to help fend off the attack until the night time therapy.

Citrus- Mint Spritz - That "cooling" sensation mint gives when it touches the skin is accentuated by citrus' antiseptic and antioxidant qualities. Citrus should be fresh squeezed, the tarter the fruit the better it is so limes or lemons would be best, then grapefruit, and oranges last.

A cup or more of mint leaves should be pulverized until a fine "juice" extract is produced. Combine ¼ cup of juice with all the mint extract. Apply a few drops directly to the scalp spot while the hair is still damp, using a dropper or swab. Style as usual.

These are quick remedies you can use that deliver a big "punch" to hair loss. Remember, hair growth does take time so do not drive yourself crazy counting hairs every morning. If you nurture your hair follicles and give them everything they need to heal and grow, that spot will go away.

Spot treatment will help stimulate growth in the areas you need it most. But if you do not address why you are losing your hair, you will likely use the new growth as well. The Hair Loss Black Bookwill finally reveal the fundamental cause of hair loss and give you a two-phased, detailed approach to both curing it and re-growing a head full of great hair.

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