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Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Tips For Posting FarmVille Posts To Facebook

When it comes to posting all of those great bonuses and perks to your Facebook page as you play FarmVille, some people are still in the dark about what to post and what to leave alone. From ribbon bonuses to lost animals to special event postings, it can be hard not to brag about the things that you've accomplished on your farm. It can also be hard not to just post everything that pops up while you're farming, especially if you think it will help your friends and neighbors out in the game. So how do you tell what's post worthy and what isn't in FarmVille? Here are five tips to help you out:

1. Posting leveling announcements: Leveling announcements will pop up when you hit your next level and it can be very tempting to brag about your latest accomplishment. But when it comes to these types of postings, just don't. Here is why: for one, especially those that are very high levels, it can seem like you're showing off and just about everyone on your list will ignore it. Two, it doesn't offer much to those that do click on it and just isn't worth the time and effort to post it on your wall.

2. Lost animals announcements: These are ones that you should always post on your wall for friends to take advantage of. Here is why: lost animals are basically free income in one way or another. Some of these posts offer specialty animals that you can't buy, such as a bull or llama, and others offer a way to gain baby animals. No matter what kind of animal your friends or neighbors will gain from the posting, they will have extra income for their farm and add in another animal that they might not have.

3. Special items announcements: These are the announcements that you can post when you trade in something during a special event, such as the St. Patty's day gold, eggs, or presents. As you fill up your meter, you'll gain access to special items that you can't buy otherwise, such as fountains, buildings, and more. When you do trade your items in, you'll also get the opportunity to post on your wall and give your friends or neighbors the chance to get one of the items that you just got. This is an excellent thing to post as it really helps out those friends that are lucky enough to get the item. Always post these, and you'll find yourself becoming more and more popular as a neighbor.

4. Share the wealth announcements: These are actually pretty common posts and ones that you should also post when you get them. Here is why: to gain these, you've usually gained a ribbon or found something special on your farm. When you post these, your friends and neighbors that click on your bonus posting will get a pretty decent chunk of coin or a special item that they might need to complete something. So, this is an excellent post and one that you should always make when you get them.

5. Perfect bunches: These are really not worth the time to post for several reasons. For one, they only offer a decorative item that wilts in two weeks. So, it's not worth dealing with them to even post it. My suggestion is that if you get these perfect bunches or if your flower cart is full, place them on your own farm for decoration instead.

Hopefully, this will help you the next time that you are considering posting any bonus postings on your Facebook wall about your FarmVille farm.

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