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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Best Energy Alternative

In our days, home owners can simply exploit the power of the sun and convert it into functional energy for their homes. This is owed to current solar panels that are becoming more reasonable and efficient as an effect of new techniques. Unfortunately several regions do not have sufficient sunlight during the year and in some cases the sun is present for a few months during the year. As a result, solar energy cannot be relied in the lead to supply a full result for electricity power. Then again, it works fine but only as a supplement.

The best alternative method that is accessible for all of us is the Energy by Tesla EnergyByTesla  and it has always been with us, even if it was almost buried for decades until now. The famous inventor Nikola Tesla did always talk about Radiant Energy or Cosmic Rays that can founded always in our atmosphere. This natural energy can produce unlimited electricity usable power. Tesla did create an amazing device that is called "The Tesla Generator". This outstanding system can produce electricity in any weather circumstances. This system is just so easy to use and it is also a low price method. You will be amazed after you will set up this system in your home. His largest invention that is contributed to advancement of the commercial electricity and many of ideas were revolutionary as well as few said people back in early 1900 were not at all ready for way of thinking. Also, his research paved way for the alternative current power, and polyphase electric distribution, the alternating current motor as well as many more. Also, with his invention, the Tesla helped kick start Second Industrial Revolution.

While Tesla was child, he was subject of Austrian Empire and when he was much older, he became American citizen & worked for the Thomas Edison. And EnergyByTesla Tesla pioneered a lot of groundbreaking inventions mainly in field of the wireless energy transfer. Due to his contradicting thinking, and he was involved later in "War of Currents" that are against employer, Thomas Edison. And Tesla came out the victorious & was been considered as greatest electrical engineers of time. In year 1893, Tesla by his experiment also showed how energy can get transferred wirelessly to the power electronic devices. And his work lead to construction of Wardenclyffe Tower that was been funded by J.P. Morgan.

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