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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Goal of a Good Warrior PvP Guide

In PvP situations, you are often confronted with different challenges and problems that you may not know how to solve. In fact, if you are new to PvP , this might feel like what happens for every PvP situation. However, a good Warrior PvP Guide can help immensely in this regard, especially if you have a Warrior that you do not yet know how to handle in PvP situations. Combating casters, ranged fighters, and healers especially can be important for Warriors and the only way you will learn about how to do so is by reading about them in a Warrior PvP Guide.

Warriors and How they PvP

The goal of a Warrior is to deal damage as hard as possible. While there are those warriors that tank, you will not encounter them as much in PvP because they are not that viable. For the most part, a Warrior is not as much worried about taking physical damage as they are spell damage because against almost any class with less armor than them (which is everyone but Paladins and other Warriors), they can unleash critical burst damage with massive repercussions.

So, for a Warrior, the biggest challenge is really just getting into melee range and staying there because other players will know all this and do their best to stay out of this range. You will use skills such as Charge to start battles and Intercept to close the gap while in battle. You will use other skills like Hamstring and Intimidating Shout for Crowd Control and then load up on rage and hit your opponents as hard as you can.
However there are situations you must beware of. Warriors are weak against many casters and ranged fighters who they cannot get into melee with. For this reason, you must learn how to use your defensive stance and spell reflects, master the timing of intercept and hamstring, and be ready to unload as much damage as possible when you get the chance. A good Warrior PvP Guide will provide you all the information you need to do just that.

The Rewards of a Warrior PvP Guide

What a good Warrior PvP Guide does that you will have a hard time doing on your own is shows you how to defeat certain opponents in certain situations that you would otherwise not have resources to take on. You will learn how to take on your opponents on your own terms and how to counteract ranged and casting fighters. You will learn how to take apart cloth wearers and how to properly use your rage in conjunction with crowd control. With a Warrior PvP Guide, you will quickly rise to the top of the rankings without having to spend all that time dying to learn how.

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