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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Truth About Data Entry Work

Many web sites promise easy money for data entry work and typing at home work. 

Which data entry programs are legitimate, and which aren't? Can you make easy money doing data entry from home?

Data entry programs do not provide traditional typing work. Most of the data entry sites are scams. Many have outdated information, lack contact information, provide bad customer service, and won't answer emails.

Some people consider all data entry programs scams because they are misrepresented as typing work from home and data entry work but are instead promoting affiliate marketing.

Yes, you will be typing data into online forms to set up Google ads and other PPC (Pay Per Click search engines) to sell other people's products – usually ebooks and software.

Yes, no one is ever turned down, you can start entering data right away, and you can promote 1000′s of products.

Most data entry web sites are misleading. This is why data entry sites have a bad reputation:

You don't get paid for your data entry work. You only get paid when you made a sale from your advertising. YOU are not working for those companies. Instead, you are becoming an affiliate of those companies. You are promoting the companies' products by putting ads on search engines like Google.

The web sites don't tell you that you have to pay advertising fees for Google Adwords or other Pay Per Click search engines when poeple click on your ad. Real affiliate marketing experts who make large amounts of income are paying a lot of advertising money. A realistic expected return is to make a dollar for every dollar you spend on advertising. This means that if you see a check for $20,000 that they spent a similar amount of money on advertising.

Don't believe the images either. Many images of checks, Clickbank statements, and Paypal statements you see on data entry sites are false. Many of those statements are copied from someone else's web site or edited with a graphics program like Photoshop. It's easy to create images with a graphics program showing the seller of a data entry program in front of a mansion or an expensive car.

Don't fall for the data entry work at home scam! You will be disappointed. Do you want to trust poeple who misrepresent their product? Stay away from people who misrepresent data entry work. Their information will not help you make money with data entry.

The good news is that you can make more money with affiliate marketing than typical typing or data entry work. If you're interested in affiliate marketing, learn from affiliate marketing pros instead. But if you are interested in legitimate typing from home, consider running a secretarial service business or becoming a virtual assistant.

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