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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top 5 Tennis Elbow Treatment Methods

If you suffer from tennis elbow then finding the right treatment methods is critical and essential for a complete recovery. The following is a list of the top 5 treatment methods that have been proven to work together to cure and treat it.Tennis elbow treatment should be dealt with in the context that you have a soft tissue injury and therefore the treatment methods listed below follow a specific process which is numbered one to five.

Method #1

The first and probably the most important method of treatment has to be rest. Rest is essential for any injury and it is essential if you plan on using any other methods to treat your tennis elbow symptoms.

Method #2

The second method which is very effective in the treatment of elbow pain is to use ice. Any doctor will tell you to keep ice on your muscle injury or tendon injury as this will help to reduce the swelling, easy the pain, and help to reduce inflammation. This in turn also helps to speed up healing.

Method #3

The third method is to use compression. You can get specific wraps that can be placed around your wrist and arm and this is another method that can be used to keep the swelling to a minimum and prevent any further damage to the muscles and tendons. Compression also helps to keep everything in place.

Method #4

The fourth treatment method is elevation. If you can try to keep your arm elevated above heart level it will help to prevent further swelling and help to reduce pain. Swelling is often caused when there is too much blood in the site of the injury and by elevating your arm you will be reducing the amount of blood in this area.

Method #5

If none of the above treatment methods are working and your symptoms are getting much worse, then you need to see your family doctor as you may have something more serious going on – like a broken bone. You will need to have a specialist look at your injury and correctly diagnose that you are suffering from tennis elbow.

Your specialist will also determine what course of treatment is right for you. Once you start to see an improvement in your symptoms you can then take matters into your own hands and start to practice some of the tennis elbow exercises that are available on a daily basis. You will need to start our simple but in time you will be able to increase the resistance that you use in these exercises.

You should never rush the resistance when doing tennis elbow exercises as this can make matters worse. You need to make sure that your muscles and tendons are ready.

That's the top 5 tennis elbow treatment methods that you can use. There is one more thing that I should mention, and that is if you are taking pain relief medication then you should make sure that you are taking something that includes an anti-inflammatory to help keep the swelling down. Something like ibuprofen is recommended.

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