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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another New PvP Guide? What’s the Catch?

It seems like every few weeks or months we get another new PvP guide on the market that rehashes all the same old information again and again. Just the other week, I purchased one to review and found that it was rewritten information from before the 2.3 patch – I was embarrassed for them more than anything and didn't even bother with a review. So, what would bring me back to write up a review of the newest PvP guide out there – the PvP Bible?

To start with, let me say that I was not keen on scouring through another PvP Guide. I have read my fair share and I can only read the same retreaded strategies so many times before I feel like stepping in front of traffic. That said, I heard good things about the PvP Bible, and when you hear any good things about a guide, you take notice because we all know how 'forgiving' the Internet community can be.

Let's just say I'm glad I did give the guide a chance because now I can come to you and recommend what I think is probably the best PvP Guide yet written. In the PvP Bible you're not just getting a guide that actually delivers on its promises, you're getting one that goes above and beyond and outshines pretty much everyone else.
So, what is so great about the PvP Bible? Let's start with the basics. The guide is well written – not just well written, but expertly written. I'm not sure if it the author is a professional or if he hired one, but someone out there playing World of Warcraft can actually write and that makes the guide somewhat fun to read through. Sure, you get the same basic introductory information in the first section, but it's pleasantly presented and easy to read.

Then, you get to the meat of the guide – the part where the guide really shows off its chops. We're talking more than 28,000 words in strategy just for duals between classes and these are actual words, not just repeated information about attacks or tables with copied info from WoWHead. All 81 duals are outlined with strategies, talent specs, strengths and weaknesses, gear selection and a detailed walkthrough of the battle.

Finally, we're getting some of the best Arena and Battleground content I've yet seen in a PvP Guide and that's saying a lot with some of the original guides floating around out there. I don't want to gush too much, but with the PvP Bible, you're essentially getting the best and that's a high complement from someone who doesn't even bother to write reviews of bad products.


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