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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Melting Faces With a Priest PvP Guide

There isn't much that can be said about a Priest in PvP that isn't true. They are both extremely versatile and often very weak depending on who is playing them and how they go about playing them. With a plethora of heals and a ton of mana, they can be a pain to kill but with minimal health and no armor, they are also fairly easy to kill if they are not smart enough to keep themselves alive. Their keys to success are in careful preparation and roundabout damage dealing, an essential reason that every Priest should find a good Priest PvP Guide.

Playing a Priest in PvP

Priests are essentially the healing class of the game, but they don't have to be. While Holy and Discipline Priests are extremely useful in group PvP in the arena and battlegrounds, providing debuffs, buffs, and heals, a Shadow priest can be a powerful DPS dealer who can also heal when needed. It largely depends on your spec how you play a Priest – which is a great additional reason to pick up a good Priest PvP Guide as soon as you can.

Against many classes, a Priest is downright nasty – they can crowd control with fear and deal DoTs and dispel nearly anything other casters put up. However, against certain classes they are ragdolls, easily shredded to pieces and tossed aside if they don't have a precise strategy. For Priests, when playing against certain classes like Rogues it is imperative to have a Priest PvP Guide to not only provide a sound strategy against the opposition, but to provide the details about how the Rogue will approach the fight.

What a Priest PvP Guide Provides

What a good Priest PvP Guide provides is something well above and beyond the standard prototypical approach to PvP. You will learn everything from how to take on all 9 classes in specific dual situations to how a Priest, in each of its three specs, can fit into a 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 team in ways that you may not have expected. A Priest PvP Guide provides outlines for your gameplay methods and leaves very little if anything out of the equation. That said, when you first start playing as a Priest, you should spend a bit of time researching your class and the other classes to ensure you not only understand how to play yourself but how other people will play against you.

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