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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Settle for Less than the Best in WoW Cataclysm?

Is your game stalling, and you find that the spells of your destro warlock or frost death knight seem like they aren't packing much more punch than that of a holy priest? Does your character sometimes seem like the way the troll describes the women he likes – "dumb, droopy, and with halitosis"? If your character isn't performing at their peak, then they're not alone – you're experiencing the same thing as many of the people who play the game.
You can break free from this morass of mediocrity with the exciting, amazingly effective new guide, IWinButtons, that's taking the WoW world by storm – the first-ever completely up to date guide to the macros and keybindings that will be your stepping stone to being one of your server's top players, whether you enjoy PvE dungeons, PvP action, or a bracing mixture of both!
You need to ask yourself just one question when you're making up your mind to buy IWinButtons – why settle for less than the best in World of Warcraft? You pay your monthly fee to have fun, but what fun is it to be constantly outdone by everyone else?
Having the firepower – or healing power – to hold your own in the game's top raids is the way to ensure you get that purple, epic gear that you're slavering eagerly for. With that kind of equipment, you'll be able to be one of the select few who can take on the toughest villains in World of Warcraft with a chance of walking away with victory, spectacular achievements, and, of course, even more incredible gear.
How, you ask, is this related to macros and keybindings? Why does IWinButtons help you achieve the endgame heroic dungeon and raiding success that you're only dreaming about now?
The reason is simple. All those players you see at the top of the raiding charts got there because of the excellence of their keybindings and macros. Through a long, painful process of trial and error, peppered with brilliant flashes of insight, they discovered the combinations and rotations that squeeze every last bit of damage, threat, or healing out of a spec.
If you try to keep up with a fight by clicking, or even just using your keyboard, you'll inevitably fall behind because your brain and reflexes can't move as quickly as it's possible to through a computer interface. A macro, when you trigger it, carries out the instructions programmed into it with unfailing speed and precision, augmenting your natural reflexes and ensuring that your character's powers are used as often and as efficiently as possible – thus piling on the damage or healing.
The macros and keybindings in IWinButtons aren't just any old scripts – they're the macros and keybindings of the winners – of the people who have climbed to the top of the WoW pyramid, and stayed there! You can join them today by getting IWinButtons – don't delay any longer, because you deserve to get the best out of WoW, and this amazing new guide can give it all to you!


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