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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Your lifestyle, your furniture plan

Your lifestyle should determine your furniture. Your  Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images Idea Woodworking Plans

home must have a good furniture plan so that it will look more organized whether you've got a big or small family. This is easily achieved by having a master plan. Work on your master plan. Follow it thoroughly by buying furniture pieces that fits your plan, one by one over time. Whether you opt to buy brand new furniture or second hand in consignment or surplus stores, or upholstered furniture, your home will look prettier with furniture that is a mix of various period and styles, so you don't need to really aspire for a picture perfect showroom look. For example, furniture pieces like sofas and beds can be modern or contemporary and can be mixed with artwork and side tables from your grandmother's attic or your grandfather's basement.

Where to start? Make a list of key pieces you need for your home. For example, list down a sofa, master bedroom bed that's either queen or king-size, children's beds and a main dining table. Since these are key pieces, decide on a budget for these major furniture pieces and go for durability. Allot a bigger chunk of your budget on them, since they need to last over several years.

Now, how do you find what fits your taste? You can browse through home design books, furniture catalogs, magazines to get ideas or you can actually make your own sketches from the designs you liked. Visit showrooms to see furniture close up. Become familiar with various types of woods and finishes. Select the color, finish and size of each piece needed to fit the home precisely. Use a sketch pad to lay out your chosen furniture floor plan for each of the room in the house.

Step by step is how it's done best. If your home has about four to five rooms, you can build each room around a single piece of furniture or grouping. Purchase a large table and chairs that will serve as the focal point of your dining room. You can then add seating areas or study areas off to the other side. You can create a family room around two leather sofas facing each other, for example then cut out or sketch artwork and accessories around these key pieces of furniture to add a touch of coziness. With these goals in mind, you can keep your eyes open for these desired accessories over the next few months.

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