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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding a Good WoW PvP Guide

There are dozens of WoW PvP Guides out there and they all promise something similar. They tell you they can help you become better with your class and help you defeat every other class with top notch strategies. But, many of them only give you generalized information at the most and a whole host of useless tasks to run you through that may or may not actually help. They are highly subjective in the end and can often be outdated by a patch or two, making them almost entirely useless. So, how do you find a good WoW PvP Guide for your specific character's needs?

The Goals of a WoW PvP Guide

To start with, you need to ask what the goals of a good WoW PvP Guide truly are. They should not be to provide rehashed class information or useless overviews of the arena locations. You can find that on the official website if you really wanted it for some reason. No, what they should be for is to provide a basic overview of PvP situations for beginners and increasingly in-depth analysis of specific PvP matchups, situations and battlegrounds so that you can learn how to better play your character across the board.

This means that you should except to find in your WoW PvP Guide information on how to win all 81 dual matchups, how to start taking on many of the 72 different 2v2 arena teams, what archetypes and methods are used for 3v3 and 5v5 arena teams and how to get into battlegrounds and take them on without being yet another member of the bottom 5 players on the scoreboard.

WoW PvP Guides for Everyone

Most of all, a good WoW PvP Guide should be written for everyone. It should not be just a specific guide for one class that assumes all players will use a couple of different team combinations. It should not have forty pages on Rogues in PvP and four pages on Paladins. It should be evenly split up across all 9 classes with details about talent specs, gear selection add-ons for PvP , macros to use, websites to research, and the myriad of different matchups you will face at any given point in time in the near future. Your goal should be to take on the World of Warcraft community with the best WoW PvP guide available and use it as a stepping stone to becoming incredibly good at what you do – among the best players around for years to come.

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