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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rogue PvP Guides

The Rogue is one of the most fun classes to play in World of Warcraft. Their plethora of abilities, lockpicking, stealthing, and poisons give them a multitude of ways to take on enemies that no one else is quite capable of pulling off. That said, they are also one of the most complex classes to play in the game for that exact reason. While they can rule in PvP , many players find themselves needing a good Rogue PvP Guide to help them through the process of mastering the Rogue's many techniques and taking out nearly any opponent.

What's So Great About a Rogue?

Rogues are essentially the best DPS dealers in the game, but unlike the other big DPSers out there, Rogues are incredibly agile, combining the speed of the Hunter with the raw melee power of the Warrior and the crowd control of a Warlock. Against a truly skilled Rogue, most players stand little chance and that's for good cause. However, because a Rogue is so inherently at advantage on paper, the dynamics of their attacks are not easy to pull off. Rogue PvP Guides exist in abundance for players who want to learn how to truly take advantage of their methods though.

Primarily, Rogues start matches out of stealth because they can land openers into combos that will stun the opponent. A good Rogue PvP Guide will provide outlines of what these combos do to the opponents and how to maintain them. Called Stunlocks, Rogues who are sufficiently skilled can lock down and hold certain classes in place for the entirety of combat, never letting them get a strike off – killing them in one smooth combo. However, there are other small bits to a Rogue's strategy, as outlined in the Rogue PvP Guides including which poisons to use, when to strike and how to get back out of combat to reopen from stealth.

What a Good Rogue PvP Guide Does

The essence of a good Rogue PvP Guide is that it helps to provide a series of solid, well structured strategies that guide Rogues through the process of fighting and defeating essentially any enemy they might face. With that in mind, players are often overwhelmed if they don't have one. Learning how to stunlock is hard enough, with its precise timing and detailed positioning, but the use of poisons, dropping combat, and using evasion are all precision skills. It is almost required for any Rogue PvP newbie to get pick up a good Rogue PvP Guide if they want to be effective.

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