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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making Coloring Books By Turning A Photo Into A Sketch

Have you ever wanted to make some interesting coloring books? The easiest way to do this is to turn a photo into a sketch. The process is fairly easy and consists of 6 simple steps.

To begin with, choose your photo. You will want to make sure it is the dimensions and resolution you desire your final page to be.

STEP 1 – Duplicate The Background Layer
The first step is to duplicate the background layer. You do this by choosing Layer> New> Layer via Copy. Now you should have 2 layers, the Background Layer, and Layer 1.

STEP 2 – Desaturate The Photo
With Layer 1 selected, choose Image> Adjustments> Desaturate. This will give you a grayscale version of the image.

STEP 3 – Duplicate Layer 1
At this point you need to duplicate Layer 1. Follow step 1 to create your duplicate. Now you should have 3 layers, the Background Layer, Layer 1 and Layer 2.

STEP 4 – Invert Layer 2
With Layer 2 selected, go Image> Adjustments> Invert. This step should make your photo look like a photo negative.

STEP 5 – Change The Layers Blend Mode To Color Dodge
In your Layers Palette change the Layers Blend Mode for the selected layer (Layer 2) to Color Dodge. Color Dodge will make your photo appear almost completely white.

STEP 6 – Apply The Gaussian Blur Filter
Choose Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. When you see the dialog box start by moving the Radius Slider all the way to the left. Once you've done that you can slowly begin to move it to the right.

At this point take time to experiment and make sure you are getting the desired effect.

Larger numbers (the more you move the slider to the right) will create a more pronounced effect. Please beware however that at some point this will return your sketch back into a photo, which is not what we want, so when you reach that point simply nudge the slider to the left just a little and that should do it!

Do Some Experimenting
Sometimes an image will not work as expected, and so you have to try different methods. If this happens try the Motion Blur Filter and the Radial Blur Filter.

Calling All Artists
Finally, print out your best sketches and create some interesting coloring books. This is a great thing to give the kids, along with some crayons, for those rainy days.

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