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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spin article, make it unique, and generate hundreds of unique versions with the help of a simple software

Nowadays there are many internet marketers and online gurus, who claim to sell the best spin article programs. However, is this the truth and the reality? The answer is plain and simple "No"! Most of the article spinners that are promoted to be effective actually produce a total non-sense content, which is good neither for websites nor for web directory submissions, what to say about search engine optimization.

However, of course, there are some effective tools, but they either have trial restrictions or have limited functions! So, what's the solution if you want to spin article to hundreds of different versions and make it unique, written with perfect sense, and SEO and keyword friendly?

The solution is Magic Article Rewriter and the Magic Tokens Database! This piece of software is such a great tool that it can rewrite articles on virtually any topic with the simple click of a button and the output is just perfect! You always get perfect content, composed with complete sense! You have a list, where you can put your keywords, so that they are not rewritten in your article! This way you will be able to create keyword rich articles in a matter of minutes!

Spin article and use your imagination, by spinning whole sentences and paragraphs!

Yes, Magic Article Rewriter will let you spin not only the words of your article, but also entire sentences and paragraphs! This will guarantee you an output of thousands of articles every time you click the button "Apply Magic"! You also have a very large thesaurus of synonyms and one very special function, related to the tokens of the software!

After you create a combination of synonyms, which are ready to be spun, you can click "Save Token" and this way, the next time this particular word appears in another article, the Token will be automatically applied! This means that you will never have to add synonyms for that particular word again!

The more you work with the software, the more intelligent and automated it gets, so you will soon never have to worry for unique content anymore in your life again!

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