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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have You Gone through Empire & Allies Secrets?

Do you know that around 9.7 million had joined Empire & Allies in the first 10 days after its launch? That is an astonishing gain of 1,542%. It is leading the top 20 games on Facebook in growth and everyone is saying it is going to be the next CityVille, which had been the chartbuster in these 20 games with more than 90 million players. Looks like people can never have enough with this new game. All the Facebook members are totally excited with Empire & Allies. The reasons are quite simple. You are the king of your empire in this game. You make the decisions on the size of your empire and the economic growth of your empire. It is widely believed that this game is going to change the rules of games in Facebook. There is absolutely no doubt that Empire & Allies had been a huge hit!

Still, building your empire, constructing profitable structures like houses, cottages, huts, and governement buildings, mining the ores, cutting the woods, drilling for oil, and generating funds are not easy tasks. They are slow and painful proceses. If you are strugging in this game, it is purely a matter of not having sufficient funds in your hands. The ultimate aim in this game is to progress to highest levels, expand your empire, stop your opponents in their track, and accumulate enormous funds. In the lower levels, progressing can appear to be quite easy.

However, when you reach the higher levels, you'll find the going quite tough and it may take several days to progress to the next level. You'll have to gain increasing number of points as you rise from one level to another. There are several ways of achieving this. You can build more structures to enhance your rental income or you can generate more resources from ores, oil, and wood. Most players try to do everything at once. While this technique is not completely wrong, it is not the way to move up fast.

My recommendation is quite simple. Initially you concentrate on those items that improve your funds position and then take up other items. In Empire & Allies, funds generated are the most important step. You'll definitely face serious hurdles in this process. You'll find that your funds are getting depleted very fast when you create more forces to defend your empire. The secret is to request your allies to attend to unimportant chores, while you save your energy to focus on items that enhances your funds in a steady fashion. When you have more funds, you can expand your empire and fight your enemies better. You'll be moving up in levels pretty fast.

When you have adequate funds, it is easier to plan on the construction of new buildings and expansion of your fighting force. I admit that all this is going to take time but remember the old adage, 'Rome was not built in a day'. If you possess the Empire & Allies Secrets guide authored by Tony 'T Dub' Sanders, you are never going to struggle. You'll have the right techniques and strategies to move up the ladder with consummate ease.


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