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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Christmas Glass Ornaments

  1. Create a new image that is 500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high, 72 ppi, RGB white background. hit your D key. Use the paint bucket to fill this layer with black.
  2. Insert a new layer. Click Edit=> Fill and select 50% grey, normal and 100 % opacity.
  3. Click Filter=>Render=> Lens Flare. Set the flare to 100% and 105 prime.
  4. Click Filter=>Distort=>Polar Coordinates. Check Polar to rectangular.
  5. Click Edit=> Transform=>Flip vertical.
  6. Click Filter=> distort=>Polar coordinates. Check rectangular to Polar.

    Select the Elliptical marquee tool with the option style of fixed size set at 500 wide by 500 high. Click in the upper left corner and click select => inverse. Hit your backspace key. Click Select => Deselect.

  7. Select your move tool with bounding box option checked. Resize the globe to about 42 % wide by 42% high.
  8. Add a layer. Use your rectangular marquee to select a square about 50 pixels by 50 pixels. Fill this with a reflected gradient with foreground color at #666666 and background color of #CCCCCC.
  9. Click Filter=> Noise=> Add Noise. Set the noise to 20., Gaussian, monochromatic.
  10. Click Filter=> Blur=>Motion Blur. Set the motion blur to angle of 90 degrees and distance 4.
  11. Set the elliptical marquee to a fixed size of 100 wide by 50 high and set it over the square so the edges of the square are clipped by the oval. Click Select=> inverse and hit your backspace key.

    Use your marquee tool to move the marquee to the top of the rounded square. apply a burn to the top to shade it darker for the top. Center the ornament top on top of your globe. Select=> Deselect.

  12. Open the holley image and the pointsetta image. Use the lasso set to a 10 pixel feather to select some holly leaves and pointsetta leaves and drag them onto your canvas. Resize them with yourmove tool and position them near the top of the globe. Open the blending options/ layer styles for that layer and put a check in the Drop Shadow for both layers.
  13. Add a Layer. Use a 1 pixel brush set to grey #CCCCCC to draw a line for the string. CLick at the center top and hold shift key down to click at the top of your canvas.

Coloring your globe

Click on your globe layer. Control click your globe layer to select the globe. Insert a new layer. Select one of the following combinations of colors for your globe.

globe color

Foreground color Background Color
Blue #0033FF #00FFFF
Red #990000 #FF00CC
Green #009900 #33FF00

Use the gradient tool set to Radial Gradient to paint a gradient from upper left to lower right. Set the color layer to COLOR BURN mode.

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