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Friday, June 1, 2012

Get More Clients For Your Fitness Classes By Having Fun!

As a fitness professional, if you've spent any time researching ways to increase profits, you know that bootcamps are an excellent way to do just that.

Any successful fitness boot camp workout will be comprised of a warm up, main workout and a cool down. Generally, warm ups could be brisk walking or jogging around a track, some stretching and some calisthenics. The main workout would involve building the warm up into strength training for the upper and lower body, along with intense cardio workouts in the form of runs, sprints and jumps. Cool down brings the participants back to jogging and power walking, along with some more stretching.

Just think for a moment, now.

You are a personal trainer, coach, or fitness boot camp instructor who operates a fitness bootcamp or some style of group training. What do your clients expect when they show up for class each morning?  You obviously know that they are looking for an interesting boot camp experience, one that will help them burn lots of calories. But, are they also looking for new ways to lose weight?

So think outside the conventional box, get creative, have fun and make the bootcamp class unique and exciting. Do the opposite of what you did yesterday, last week and last month. As an instructor or coach, challenge yourself to do the warmup completely differently than the same old, same old.

In fact, do everything differently.

"Invite" one of your veteran boot camp participants to help out with the class and "invite" them to come up with something different and unique.

Note – you might want to give them a few minutes to think about it before putting them in the spotlight.

Chances are, they will love the opportunity and surprise you with some of the fresh ideas that they bring.




These are the elements that keep existing clients coming back and spreading the word about your boot camp.

Although, chances are pretty good that you work hard at maintaining your participants interest with new fitness games and bootcamp workouts, it can be quite challenging.

Constantly trying to come up with a different boot camp workout every single day, so that your clients not only talk to their friends about what fun your classes are, but also get you referrals and more business.

Now think again – how would you like to have a bunch of new Fitness boot camp workouts and sports games that can take your boot camps to a whole new level and a whole different direction?

Do you think your clients would love it?


Sure they would!


I'm constantly on the lookout for new workouts, games, challenges, and exercises that don't require a lot of equipment and don't involve having people standing around waiting their turn.

That is what Fitness Games is all about. It has over 35 fitness and boot camp games to freshen up your fitness bootcamps along with some valuable marketing and advertising strategies that you can use. You can download this ebook at www.outdoorfitnessgames.comright away and also enjoy some superb bonuses.

Scott York works with figure superstar and fitness icon, Monica Brant and is Monica's official F.E.M. camp fitness professional when the camp is hosted in Austin, Texas.

 photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Scott uses the power of video and DVDs, doing the shooting, editing, producing and design work on his own. One of the valuable bonuses that you will get with Fitness Games, is the Fitness Video Success Tip Sheet which will enhance your online video presence and has the potential to bring in a lot of new clients to your fitness business.
You'll even get a special invite to his new video message board which currently has 2330 Posts in 447 Topics by over 210 Members.

 There are categories for beginners to advanced.

 And some of the best video professionals in the business hang out, ask questions and provide input on this board.

 It's all about helping each other succeed.

 We've actually taken some of the members by the hand and helped them create their own fitness DVD's – free!

From shooting to editing to fulfillment to marketing.

The other bonuses that come with the Fitness Games ebook will  show you how to create an ongoing recurring income. If you are wondering about how to get new customers, it will show you how to get a lot of them quickly, while your clients have fun with your fitness boot camp games. You will learn how to partner with niche celebrities to make a reality info product if you choose to, how to use video in marketing offline and so much more.

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