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Monday, June 11, 2012

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – Scientific Proof Exercise Works

Finally a scientific study that confirms exercise reduces hypertension naturally. Many experts have recommended exercise as a natural method for hypertension reduction for years. Now the proof is in the pudding.

Marco R. Mota et. Al (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: vol. 28, no. 8 pp. 2331-2338, November 2009) tested men over 40 who were on blood pressure medication. Briefly, these men were put on either a treadmill for twenty minutes, an exercise circuit for twenty minutes or they did nothing for twenty minutes. This occurred about three times a week or at least 72 hours in between each session.

The results were significant. Blood pressure levels were lower from anywhere from 2 to seven hours after exercise. So what does this mean to you?

Well if you are not already exercising then may be it is something you need to do. You know that most blood pressure reduction strategies include some form of resistance exercise and aerobic fitness and now you have the proof.

If you have access to a treadmill, you may begin walking for ten minutes every other day until you are ready to go to twenty minutes. Over time you may turn the walk into a jog and this will help you lower your high BP.

The other option is to some circuit training with weights. You may do this by finding light weights and completing basic exercises for number of reps and sets or time.

For example you could complete squats for thirty seconds, rest thirty seconds, lunge for thirty seconds, rest for thirty seconds, do push ups for thirty seconds then rest for thirty seconds and finally do arm curls for thirty seconds and rest for thirty seconds. You would then repeat each exercise again three more times.

The other option is to complete the same exercises for repetitions one directly after the other and then rest for thirty seconds after completing the last exercise.

Either way you start slow and gradually increase the effort you put forth. Naturally when you build muscle and lose fat you will lower your blood pressure.

These are just a couple of ideas for you to lower blood pressure with treadmill walking or exercise circuits that have the science to back up the results. Obviously you need to do more to lower your blood pressure.

Imagine if you were to change your eating habits, exercise and complete deep breathing exercises how much more you could lower your blood pressure?

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