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Monday, June 11, 2012

An Answered Prayer to Weight Loss

Weight has always been a problem for someone like me who comes from a family "blessed" with "obese" genes. Like a family heirloom, obesity and being overweight is a defining characteristic of the family that has been handed down from one generation to the next.

From my grandmother's line, to my mother and to me (at some point in the past), a lot of our family members struggled with weight loss like it was some kind of curse that cannot be undone. I didn't find it particularly bothersome during my younger years but come high school and adolescence it become a very big problem.

Aside from having a very healthy appetite, I also have very slow metabolism. Thus, my weight gain is comparatively faster or bigger than any of my peers. Plus, like I said there is also that genetic trait I had to deal with. One of my first options was crash dieting. Some of my peers actually said it is effective and that anyone can easily lose weight in a couple of days or weeks. I did try it. It worked but it was not long before I gained back everything.

When I meant everything I meant everything.

Luckily, for the internet and the number of available sources it provides, I came across "Thinspiration: How to Lose Weight with the Right Pro Ana Tips". I was skeptical at first but it does not hurt to try and listen to experts so I did read the e-book. To my surprise, crash dieting is actually not an option especially for people like me who are genetically programmed to be fat. Likewise, the e-book helped me realize a lot of important things.

Weight loss is a process and it takes one step at a time.

What is good about the e-book is that it does not bombard you with what you should do all at once. It takes you first to understanding how weight loss works and what best way to do it. Understanding weight loss is also just as important as wanting badly to do so. The e-book provides enough backgrounder to help people realize the importance of losing weight the healthy way.

Likewise, the e-book also discusses the interplay of factors to a person's weight gain, weight loss and weight management. It starts off with the basics such as fewer calories, exercise and the real deal behind fad diets. Next it takes you to organizing the weight loss plan, fitting it workout or exercise despite the lack of time and information about pills and laxatives.

The e-book not only helps in creating a good weight loss plan but it also tackles issues with weight loss such as eating disorders. A deeper look or close examination on anorexia will help you value a better way of shedding of extra pounds. The Pro Ana and Mia tips section is a favorite because it is very inspiring. Regardless of how many disappointments you already had with weight loss, try out Thinspiration. This is one of the best favors you can do for yourself. At least I know it is.

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