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Monday, June 25, 2012

How To Choose The Right FarmVille Crops

Choosing the right crops to grown in FarmVille is vital to keeping a constant flow of coins into your FarmVille pockets. If you are struggling on picking the right crops, here are some easy to follow tips that you can use to maximize your profits:

1. Know when you can realistically be at your computer: Be honest here and figure out the times that you will realistically be sitting down at your computer and have the time to harvest and plant new crops. If it's before and after work, then you will know that 8 hour crops will work while you're at work and 12 hour crops will work while you're sleeping. This way you can easily maximize your profits and you won't have any withered crops when you come back.

2. Keep in mind the ultimate FarmVille rule: FarmVille time is not normal time. Yes, you read that right, FarmVille time runs on a 23 hour day instead of a 24 hour day like normal. So, you want to keep that in mind when you're planting crops and trying to time when you'll be on to harvest. Remember this, especially when you're planting 1 day crops that they will be ready in 23 hours instead of 24 hour blocks. It's not really a big deal to those that are planting crops that are in lower hour increments than 1 day, as you'll be back in that amount of time to harvest them. But for those that are doing the longer timed crops, you will be cutting off an hour at least depending on what crops you choose.

3. Crop mastery is an excellent thing to work for: When you are planting crops in FarmVille, you want to make sure that you work toward mastering each crop and then moving on to a different one. Why does crop mastery matter? Because when you master one crop, you get the chance to get extra experience points and more money when you harvest them. This alone is an excellent thing to work for, as any amount of extra experience points are a good thing and every FarmVille farmer knows that more coins only helps them plant more crops.

4. Pick your FarmVille goals carefully: This basically means that you want to know what the maximum cash or experience per hour/plot is before you plant. There is no point in planting crops that won't yield a good amount of return on your investment as it will only waste time. Believe it or not, but there are crops like this in FarmVille. So, you want to calculate your overall return before you plant. To do this, you simply take the amount that it costs to plant one plot of that particular item, add in 15 coins for the plowing and you have your cost. Then, subtract that amount from the end result, which is what you gain when you harvest that crop. To figure out what your hourly return will be, divide that number by the number of hours that it takes for that crop to mature. You can easily figure out which crops will give you the most for your time and effort very quickly and not waste any time.

Simply use these great tips when you are trying to pick the next crops to plant on your FarmVille farm and you will easily start to reap the benefits of that extra time you put in.

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