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Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Doesn’t Your FarmVille Farm Look So Great?

Have you been paying attention to the loading screen when you're logging into FarmVille? It's always filled with some of the most awesome looking farms around the game, from massive farms with huge houses on hills to beautiful rolling hills full of beautiful flowers. I have to tell you, I have always been envious of these farms that are shown off on the log in screens. But, I also always thought that these have to be people that worked for Zynga that had access to special things I never would. I was ok with that, I mean, I worked my rear off on my farm. I plowed, I planted, I harvested, I did all of the special events, I build everything I could. I just had a boring FarmVille farm and I was resigned to that.

Then, I had a revelation. Ok, well it wasn't really a revelation as much as a friendly piece of advice, but to me, it was a miracle that I had been waiting for for a long time. No, I didn't suddenly get a job with Zynga on FarmVille! (Although I'm still waiting for that miracle to happen!) Instead, a good friend of mine told me about a guide that had just come out that actually showed you how to create all different types of 3D looks on any farm. I had to see this guide, as I figured that I'd really never see anything like this at all.

So, I went ahead and bought the Beginner's Guide To Creating 3D Looks In FarmVille. The download was flawless, and it didn't take but a couple of minutes and I had it shining at me on my computer, waiting for me to read the secrets within.

I opened up the guide and started reading. I actually sat and read the whole thing through from beginning to end in one sitting, it was that good. Once I had gone through everything, I logged back into FarmVille and started with the simple 3D templates. When I felt that I had mastered them, I moved up to the intermediate templates and then to the advances. It really wasn't that hard to learn the basics and once I knew them, those awesomely hard templates weren't that hard any longer.

It wasn't long (ok, that night after I played around on FarmVille for over 4 hours straight), and I was building the wonders of the world templates that are found in this guide. Oh am I ever in Heaven now. I now have all the secrets that I craved for so long. I can build literally anything on my FarmVille farm now and I am amazed at how my friends now ask me how to build these looks… Of course, all I tell them is to buy this guide! If you haven't heard about it, you seriously need to check it out so that you too can find out all of the secrets that you could ever want to know about building those 3D looks on your farm as well.

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