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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Does This Tesla Energy Software Work

The answer for this question is a pretty close private those that have managed to control this system but there is a short explanation. Try to visualize the sun as one giant ball that has electrical energy and that it is positively charged with 200 billion volts.  Approximately 100 million miles away in our solar structure, is the earth that is charged with negative electricityEnergyByTesla.  Our earth acts like a giant sponge that creates a massive throughway for almost 4.5 megawatt electrical energy per hour. In the past it was almost impossible to exploit this free energy since these earth's bounces were in one protective atmosphere.

Thanks to this innovation it is now possible to get your cut from this FREE energy source. If you will purchase this system then you will eradicate all your electricity bills. Hundreds of home DIY energy fans have already created their own Tesla Energy systems. They can use this system every day, using a new blueprint that has been sat and intact for years. This system has the ability to offer us a better way for this energy that we need every day. It's free of charge, clean and it is available to anyone that wants to spare some good money! Lots of serious home DIY fans are now raving about brand new Free Energy system & rightly so. Lots of believe that it can revolutionize home DIY market & it is been considered as one of biggest discoveries, which home energy market has also seen in several years.

With this in your mind, there is burning question on everybody's mind:

How Does Tesla Free Energy System Exactly Work?

Well, answer is very close secret to one who have managed successfully harness the power however here is brief explanation. Imagine sun as to be huge ball of the electrical energy, and positively charged with huge potential of more than 200 billion volts! Approximately around 100 million miles in solar system, and is earth, charged with the negative electricity as well as acting like huge sponge making massive freeway for 4.5 megawatt hours of the electrical energy! Prior to genius invention of the Tesla energy, virtually it was impossible to use this energy as most of that just bounces off earth's protective the atmosphere as well as is lost forever.

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